Local History

The old ecclesiastical parish of Roath  has a long and rich history stretching back a thousand years.  In this section of our website we are starting to assemble that history.

People of Roath

A look at some of the people of note that have been either born or lived in Roath.

William McKenzie – Chief Constable of Cardiff

WIlliam McKenzie


William Pettigrew – Cardiff’s Head Gardener

WIlliam Pettigrew in his time in Manchester

Schools of Roath

Marlborough Primary School

CBS23 Marlbourough Road board school

The original Marlborough Road Board School opened in 1900, on the corner of Blenheim Road and Marlborough Road.

Churches of Roath

St Andrew’s United Reformed Church

St Andrew's Church, Cardiff. c. 1910

Roath Park Presbyterian Church c.1910

War Memorials

St Andrew’s URC War Memorial

St Andrews Wellfield Road Cardiff

Cardiff High School War Memorial

Cardiff High School War Memorial


Project Newsletters

The Society used to publish it’s research findings in it’s Project Newsletters which are in themselves now of historical significance as they refer to the parish as it was some 30-40 years ago.  Some articles from those early Project Newsletters are reproduced on our website and supplemented by additional photographs.  Just follow the link.