St Peter’s Roll of Honour

st peters roath cardiff roll of honour

The following is taken from “War memorials in the city of Cardiff” compiled by David V Hughes (1995):-

St PETERS [Cardiff]

Catholic Young Mens Society

Roll Of Honour


Although the illuminated Scroll lists those who served as well as those who died.

Only those who died have been listed here. The scroll in an oak frame was originally

placed in the CYMS Building in Richmond Road Cardiff.  When the premises was sold

the memorial was placed in the custody of the St Peters Church, St Peters Street, Roath


Regrettably when being cleaned part of the writing on the scroll was damaged. It is

intended to have the damage repaired.


D Bateman Spr R.E.                                                                    W P Kelly Captain N.F

A Baker Pte R.I.R.                                                                        G Kenefic Pte R.W.F.

D Cummins R.M.FUS

G Flynn Lt R.A.F.                                                                         E Lord Pte 8th Welsh

F Fox Pte Middlesex Regt                                                          J Norton Pte R.T.R

H Hayes Pte S.W.B.                                                                    W O’Hara AB R.N.D

R Hickey Pte 7th Welsh                                                              J Turnbull MC Lt Welsh

J Jenkins Cpl R.I.R                                                                      W Young Sgt K.R.W.G


Note: It appears from the photograph (2019) that the Roll of Honour has since been repaired and is now in good order.