War Memorials

Roath War Memorials:

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Albany Road Baptist Church War Memorials

Albany Road Baptist Church War Memorials

Cardiff High School War Memorial

Cardiff High School War Memorial

Cardiff Royal Infirmary War Memorials

Cardiff Royal Infirmary Edward VII War Memorial

Cardiff Royal Infirmary War Memorial

Cathays Methodist Church, Crwys Road

Cathays Methodist Church, Crwys Road

Memorial last understood to have been in storage in the church basement.  No image currently available.

Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds

Guest Keen and Nettlefolds Cardiff Works WWI

Guest Keen and Nettlefolds Cardiff Works WWI

Howard Gardens High School War Memorial

Howardian War Memorial

Mackintosh Institute Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour of the Mackintosh Institute was damaged during the movement of furniture and subsequently discarded. A photograph of the roll of honour survives and research into those names has been carried out and recorded.  Click on the link above to read that research.

Mackintosh Institute War Memorial

Mackintosh Institute Roll of Honour.

Oddfellows Memorial

Oddfellows Memorial Cardiff

Unveiled on May 13th 1922. Presumably this memorial used to be in the Oddfellows House, 19 Newport Road, but now believed to have been discarded because of woodworm infestation.

Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church

Now called The Gate Arts Centre there is both a WWI plaque containing twenty one names and a WWII plaque containing six names present.

Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church WWI memorial plaque

Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church, Keppoch Street, Roath, Cardiff, WWI memorial plaque.

Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church WWII memorial plaque

Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church, Keppoch Street, Roath, WWII memorial plaque.

The history of the plaques themselves and in particular the story of those named on the plaques has been well researched by David Pike and is detailed in his blog.

Roath Park Wesleyan Church

The WWI memorial plaque is in the safe keeping of Cardiff Bereavement Services.

The roll of honour naming the individuals from the church that took part WWI had become lost and was later found for sale in a second hand shop.  It was purchased and now hangs in Roath Park Primary School.

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Roath Park Wesleyan Church War Memorial Plaque

Roath Park Wesleyan Church War Memorial Plaque (Photo credit: Roger Swan)

Roath Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Roath Road Wesleyan War Memorial

There used to be a stone monument war memorial in the area we currently refer to as  Roath but alas no longer.  It stood outside Roath Road Wesleyan church on the corner of City Road and Newport Road.

Russell Street Memorial

Russell Street memorial

‘Patriot’s Avenue’ or Russell Street Memorial‘  was originally a plaque on the New Park Liberal Club, City Road, Cardiff.  It is now said to be safe keeping in a private residence. It was unveiled in 1995 and rededicated in 2012.  The plaque pays tribute to soldiers who fought in both World Wars and makes reference to the street’s unofficial name – Patriot’s Avenue. It had been originally unveiled in a massive street party in 1995, featured on the pages of the Echo.


Splott Road Baptist Church War Memorial Tablets

Splott Road Baptist War Memorials - John Stansfield

(Photos by John Stansfield, 2015)

St Andrew’s URC War Memorial

St Andrews Wellfield Road Cardiff

St Edward’s War Memorials

St Edward's Roath WWI memorial

The WWI War Memorial at St Edward’s Church, Blenheim Road, Penylan, Cardiff

St Margaret’s War Memorial Tower

st margarets tower war memorial dedication


St Martin’s church, Albany Road memorial

St Martins Albany Road - combined war memorials

St Saviour’s War Memorial, Splott, Cardiff,

St Saviour war memorial, Splott, Cardiff

St Peter’s Roll of Honour

St Peter's Roll of Honour


Trinity Centre, Four Elms Road

Trinity Wesleyan Methodist Church Roath - Small for website

Trinity Methodist may also be the home of the Cyfartha St Mission plaque


Missing memorials or memorials without photographs

Cardiff Hebrew Congregation memorial plaque

The white marble Cardiff Hebrew Congregation WWI plaque is, thought to be in Cardiff United Synagogue, Cyncoed Gardens.  It contains twelve names: Belman, Albert Moss, Cohen, Aaron Simeon, Cohen, Isaac, Greenberg, Isaac, Harris, Solly, Isaacs, Maurice, Jackson, Morris, Lacombe, Sam, Shibko, Issy, Woolf, William, Zeiler, Moss, Zimmerkman, Maurice.  It was originally in the synagogue in Windsor Place Cardiff and unveiled on  15th Feb 1925.  The is also a WWII plaque at the same location containing 25 names.



Other Cardiff War Memorials:

Cardiff Great War Memorial





Cardiff’s first permanent memorial to people from the city who died during World War One was unveiled at Hendre Park Lake in 2016 together with more than 1,000 trees creating a memorial wood.