Pen-y-lan Road

A look at Pen-y-lan Road from where it starts at the junction with Albany Road to where it joins with Cyncoed Road.  The road in unusual in that same may argue it has been severed by Wellfield Road.  The section by St Andrew’s church is certainly confusing; is it Pen-y-lan Road or Wellfield Road. Anyway, let’s not get too hung up on that, let’s just enjoy some if its history. 

Cross Cottage, 1883, which used to be on the corner of Albany Road (Merthyr Road) and Penylan Road. It was demolished in 1899. Now occupying the space is De Mara restaurant and the Bottle Shop.
A winter scene on Pen-y-lan Hill (photo credit – Jen Hersey)
Maurice Turnbull 110 Pen-y-lan Road. Wales’ most complete all-round sportsman, who played rugby for Wales and cricket for England. Read more about the life of Maurice Turnbull in our blog post.
Lovers Walk, Penylan Hill. Presumably an artist’s interpretation of an early Pen-y-lan Road.
Ernest Willows airship seen over Pen-y-lan Hill in 1910. Read more on the life of Ernest Willows and his links with the Roath area in our blog post.