Project Newsletters

The Society used to publish it’s research findings in its Project Newsletters which are in themselves now of historical significance as they refer to the parish as it was some 30-40 years ago.

Some articles from those early Project Newsletters are reproduced here supplemented by additional photographs:

Vol 1, No.1: Geology, Archaeology and Pre-Norman Roath

Vol 1, No.2: Roath – the Lost Village

Vol 1 No 3: Roath – 150 Years Ago

Vol 1 No 3: Adamsdown

Vol 2 No.4: Roath Mill

Vol 2 No 4: St Andrew’s United Reformed Church


The editions of the Roath Local History Society Project Newsletter  so far digitised can be found here:

Project Newsletter – Vol 1 No 1 – September 1983

Project Newsletter – Vol 1 No 2 – November 1983

Project Newsletter – Vol 1 No 3 – December 1983