Our lecture programme is currently being delivered online via Zoom. Members can join the presentations using a link provided in the monthly e-Newsletter.  If you are not already a member then perhaps you may like to consider our ‘special offer’.  Details on our Membership page. 

Thursday, 11th February at 7pm

Malcolm Ranson – History of Llanederyn

2021 Feb - Mallcolm Ranson - History of Llanederyn

Thursday, March 11th at 7pm

Jeff Childs – Landowners of Roath from the Normans to the twentieth century.

2021 Mar - Jeff Childs - Landowners of Roath

Thursday, April 8th at 7pm

Ted Richards – Captain George Auger, the Cardiff Giant, the tallest man on earth. 

George Auger - Ted Richards

The billboards for the Barnum and Bailey Circus in America in the early 1900s advertised Captain George Auger as the World’s Tallest Man.  Whether he was or not is open to conjecture but he was certainly up there among the tallest. The talk will trace the life of George Auger from his birth in Cardiff, his upbringing in London and his time in America. finishing with his sad early death just prior to embarking on a career in Hollywood.  The talk will also touch on how the research into George Auger was carried out.

Thursday, May 13th at 7pm

Dr Andrew Hignell – Early Sport in Cardiff

2021 Apr - Andrew Hignell

Programme outline

In panademic-free times times:

A series of lectures by prominent speakers are held on the second Thursday of the month, from September to May.  These are held at   the Church Hall of St Andrew’s United Reformed Church, Pen-y-Lan Road, Roath, Cardiff. CF24 7PB (at the junction of Wellfield Road)   Free parking is available in the Pen-y-lan Library car park diagonally opposite the church.

The evening begins at 7.45pm with complimentary refreshments and a chance to socialise.  At 8 o’clock, the meeting is called to order, for Announcements and the Introduction of the Speaker.

In June and July each year the Society embarks on a series of visits to historic places in Cardiff and surrounding areas.

Past Events

To jog our memories of some excellent past events and speakers and provide a resource to others, we have preserved copies of  R.L.H.S. Past Programme