Volume 1 Number 4 – Albany Road

On March 28th 1884 Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, youngest son of Queen Victoria died at Cannes.

On April 7th 1884 , the Cardiff Town Council at their monthly meeting sent an address of condolences to the Queen and to the Duchess of Albany.

At the same meeting it was resolved:

“that the road leading from Roath Court to the north end of Castle Road , which has hitherto been known as the Merthyr Road be in future called Albany Road”.

Castle Road had been named after Roath Castle or Plas Newydd (now the Mackintosh Institute) , its earlier name being Plwcca Lane or Heol-y-Plwcca. The name was changed on 12 December 1905 to City Road to commemorate the elevation of Cardiff to the status of a city and possibly to avoid confusion with Castle Street in Cardiff.

The Merthyr Road, one mile in length, had been constructed under the authority of the Heath Enclosure Act, 1801, as a public highway and thoroughfare ostensibly to provide better access from the village of Roath to the newly enclosed lands of the Little Heath, which was in the present Crwys Road / Whitchurch Road area.

Enclosure roads (e.g. Heathwood Road) were normally straight and were required to be 40 feet in width with wide grass verges, the function of which was rather similar to the modern hare shoulders on motorways.  Such was the Merthyr Road, described by the Turnpike Commissioners in 1805 as “the new road from “Roath Church to the Two Mile Stone on the Heath” A map of 1789, before the local enclosure roads were made, suggests that there were several tracks radiating from Pont Lecky (the bridge that carried Pen-y-Ian Road over the Roath Brook, near the present Recreation Ground) connecting the outlying farms.  One such track went towards Fair Oak where at the parish boundary it crossed the brook by way of Pont Evan Quint; another track wound its way from the village of Roath towards the lands of the Heath. Both were probably “drift roads” used from Medieval times for the herding of cattle to the common pasture on the Little and Great Heaths, an immemorial privilege of the men of Roath as well as the burgesses of Cardiff.

The western portion of the Merthyr enclosure road extended from its junction with Plwcca Lane to its junction with the Pen-y-lan Road: (i.e; the road to Cefn Coed, (Cyncoed) and Llanederyrn) opposite the present Claude Hotel.  A ditch, clearly shown on the 1880 O.S. ran alongside the southern margin of the road. The new road dog-legged in shape, followed the course of what is described in the Heath Enclosure Act as a public drain.



Merthyr Road (now Albany Road) in 1880.  Note Plasnewydd bottom left, now the Mackintosh Sports Club

The eastern portion of the road, from Pen-y-Ian Road to Roath Court was in fact the re-formed old village street.  An old ditch on the north side of this portion of the road was being filled up in August 1886 and a new footpath was formed over it, and the waste land intervening was being thrown into the carriageway ( C.R.V. p132)  The road is now wholly residential in character in contrast to the western end which has evolved into a typical suburban high street – with its Woolworths, Boots and Tesco’s, Curry’s, Halfords and a significant proportion of local retailers whose small shops survive to supplement the shopping facilities provided by the branches of the big chain stores and supermarkets.  Albany Road, taken together with the adjoining Wellfield Road has been described as consisting of a superb shopping area.

“Superb” is of course a comparative term; they are undeniably the principal “high streets” of north Roath: nevertheless as a shopping area it is far from ideal by modern, town planning standards. The greatest drawback is that the streets were not originally planned specifically to provide shopping amenities but have evolved as such to meet the demands of the surrounding inhabitants. The result is that the same road originally built to serve as no more than a thoroughfare across the meadows to accommodate horses and horse-drawn vehicles has been used at various times in its history as a main route by electric tram-cars (with standards in the middle of the road), then by trolley-buses and diesel engine omnibuses. Today, private motor cars, buses picking up and disgorging passengers, commercial vehicles and juggernauts loading and unloading supplies for shops, all desperately compete for parking spaces under the watchful eyes of busy traffic wardens.


Albany Road, junction with Penylan Road, in the 1980s.

So dense is the traffic at times that crossing over the side streets is always hazardous for pedestrians, while crossing to and from the main road at other than the pedestrian crossings can be virtually suicidal. The fact that heavy vehicular traffic intermingling with pedestrians in the same thoroughfare inevitably creates serious problems has long been recognised by town planners but it is only in comparatively recent times that the concept of segregating pedestrians from traffic by pedestrianising shopping precincts, has materialised. The future of Albany Road and Wellfield Road as a shopping area may depend on whether and how the problem is resolved. A local historian can only concern himself with attempting to explain how the problem arose and leave its solution, if there is one, to the politicians, the town planners and the local community.

In 1883, the enclosure road sliced through the lands of the Mackintosh Estate.  From the Castle Road junction a traveller would have seen the fields of Tyn-y-Coed Farm on his left and the grounds of Plas Newydd on his right.  The present Cottrell Road can be identified as the boundary between the Mackintosh Estate and the Roath Court estate of Charles Crofts Williams.  Farther along, near the present Wellfield Road, (constructed 1891) the road passed through a portion of Bute land; from there to St Margaret’s Church, Albany Road formed the boundary between the Tredegar estate which lay on the left and the Roath Court estate on the right.

The Tithe Map of 1840 shows that the land each side of the western portion of the road was owned by John Mathew Richards.  It was his grand-daughter, Harriet Diana Arabella, the heiress of the Richards’ family, who in 1880 married the Mackintosh of Mackintosh, a Scottish aristocrat and personal friend or King George V.  Shortly afterwards, the couple left to settle in Inverness in Scotland.  Meanwhile, their vacated mansion was refurbished to provide recreational facilities for the folk on the estate and leased for 99 years at a Peppercorn rent to the Trustees of the Mackintosh Institute.  An unsuccessful move had been made in 1883 by the Cardiff Borough Council to purchase the 50 acres of ground around “Roath Castle” (as the castellated mansion was pretentiously called) for use as a public park.  It is possible that the family viewed the proposal as a threat to the valuable investment potential of the land.  Certainly, they thwarted any further moves of a similar nature the following year by proceeding rapidly with urban development starting with the submission of a plan of a grid of streets in the area.  The old Merthyr Road highway conveniently provided a ready-made thoroughfare as a central feature of the estate plan.


Roath Castle (became the Mackintosh Institute)

Ribbon development was in any case extending at that time from Cardiff towards the north-east.

An order was made by the Cardiff Public Works Committee on 27 December 1883 for “coating and scraping” Merthyr Road.

Plans for the first nine houses in the road were approved in February 1884 to be built by Purnell & Fry on the north side of the road at the junction of what is now Albany Road and Mackintosh Place. The following year a further six house plans for the builder E.Jellings were approved. Jellings is shown in a Directory of 1806 as living at 31 Albany Road. Another early builder was William Geen who lived in the large corner house at No.1 Albany Road and for whom plans for five houses and one stable were submitted and approved in 1885. Throughout the fifteen years of housing development, the Mackintosh Estate retained the same architect, C.Rigg, but at least 20 different builders were employed to construct some 2750 houses on about 100 acres. Albany Road itself was to be more elite than the side streets, with symmetrical blocks of two or three-storey houses designed for folk of a higher socio-economic group than those on the rest of the estate.

Slater’s Directory of 1885 shows only two houses were occupied at that date:-

  • WILSON, Samuel. clerk
  • STOTHARD, … householder

J.Wright & Co’s Directory of June 1886 shows that 24 houses were occupied.

The Directory Map (reproduced with this Newsletter) indicates that development has proceeded by then to Violet Row, Mackintosh Place as far as Moy Road, Inverness Place, Arabella Street and Donald Street. The occupations of residents in Albany Road are given as:-

  • Clerks (3)
  • Commercial travellers (4)
  • Builders (2)
  • Manager
  • Master mariner
  • Coal merchant
  • Chief engineer
  • Captain
  • Bookseller
  • Pianoforte tuner
  • Draughtsman

Extracts from several directories are included in this issue of the Project Newsletter

With an estimated estate population of 13000 the transformation of Albany Road into a suburban high street shopping centre was a natural development.  Conversion of the ground floors of the houses into shop-fronts involved the disappearance of the low front walls and small forecourts or front greens.  Conversions started in a small way in 1893 but had virtually reached saturation point by 1914 by which time 117 shop fronts plans had been authorised.  Half of the total number of conversions in fact took place between 1894 and 1898. A comparison of the 1897 Directory with that of 1896 reveals that the two blocks between Inverness Place and Donald Street have been converted to shops in a period of twelve months. Only one of the twenty occupants remained: he was Mr E.F.Garratt, the piano tuner at No.33.

During this dramatic turnover of tenancies one cannot help wondering what happened to the professional men whose houses were so hastily converted in the name of commercial progress to make way for an influx of shopkeepers:- butchers, greengrocers, drapers, confectioners, grocers, not to mention a bootmaker and a pork-butcher.

By 1903, another mass exodus had occurred according to the Directory evidence. This time, it was the shopkeepers themselves who were replaced by a new wave. In the same two blocks between Inverness Place and Donald Street; only three of the original shopkeepers were still surviving in business there:-

  • Rowland & Co. drapers
  • H.Herbert, tailor, and
  • James Nelson & Sons, butchers.

By then, the Home & Colonial Stores had taken over No.13. They later moved to No.7 where their name can still be seen on the floor at the entrance.  A branch of Stead & Simpson’s boot and shoe shop had taken over No.15, but were later to move first to No.11 and later to No.35, where they still have a shop.

Next door to J.R.Lewis’s grocers shop, which was on the corner of Arabella Street, was H.A.Hopson at No.27, the hairdresser and tobacconist. Remarkably, the shop is still in the hands of the family, trading as wholesale and retail tobacconists in the name of Hopson & Son Ltd.  The whole of the rest of the block in which the shop stands was eventually taken over piecemeal by Collins Drapers (Cardiff) Ltd. where they flourished for over five decades.


Hopson’s Tobacconists

In the block between Donald Street and Arabella Street, Woolworths arrived in 1932 to erect new premises on the Donald street corner site. Still on the Mackintosh estate but on the south side of the road, the only two buildings in 1890 were Albany Road Board School and St.Martin’s Church.

The school had been built in 1886. A cookery kitchen was added in 1891, a further addition being authorised in 1994. During the 1914-18 War the building was requisitioned as a Military hospital.  A bench on the pavement in front of the school which was provided for the wounded soldiers was removed only about two years ago. Members of the Roath L.H.S. will be familiar with the school as the venue for our meetings.

The history of St.Martin’s Church will he told elsewhere.  A plan (submitted for C.Taylor) was approved by the Public Works Committee in October 1886 for an iron church, which was hastily erected and licensed for divine service on the following 10th November. It was replaced in 1901 by a permanent building which suffered severe damage during an air raid in February 1941; the rebuilt church was not re-dedicated until December 1955.

St.Martin’s was not the only property in Albany Road: to suffer from aerial bombing.  On the corner of Diana Street, several shops (nos. 61 to 67) were so badly damaged that they had to be demolished. The Post Office Telephone section made use of the site as a garage after the war, but the new premises built there for Littlewood’s Stores have now been taken over by the Kwik-Save supermarket.

The only house not to be converted into a shop on the south side of the road is No.24 in the block between St.Martin’s Church and Plasnewydd Road. Dr J.Robinson had his surgery there in 1993 and a medical partnership has continued there ever since.  Although the house has been modified, enough of the original character of its facade is left to give some impression of the type of structure that at one time occupied the block.

The upper storeys of all the houses in Albany Road warrant scrutiny by those interested in architectural history if only because they provide good  examples of late Victorian and early Edwardian house design, with their interesting patterns of alternating courses of stone and brick in the walls and chimneys and their gabled slate roofs.

The last property on the Mackintosh estate portion of Albany Road. but by no means the last to be built on the south size is No.92., the shop on the corner of Cottrell Road opposite the Globe Cinema. It is a three-storey building of brick and stone with a central bay window on the first floor flanked by two casement windows. The shop is recorded in every directory for the last 30 years or so in the name of Collins. At the turn of the century, Henry Collins who had previously been in business in Diamond Street and Clifton Street in Splott, opened his grocery corner shop. On the death of Henry Collins, his youngest son, Douglas, carried on the business and was succeeded by his grandson Alan, who with his wife Pamela still run the family concern and claim that it is the oldest surviving private grocery business in Cardiff.  According to an article in the South Wales Echo of May 12th 1982, there are two banana ripening rooms still in the cellar and the family still then had the old pliers used for cutting the sugar loaves which used to be delivered in the shape of large cones.


Albany Road in the 1950s showing Collins Department store

The corner grocery shop on the opposite corner of Cottrell Road (No.94) belonged to Alderman R.G.Hill Snook (Directory 1943).

Another old family concern which must be mentioned is that of Percy Thomas whose florist’s business has been at No.85 since before the first World War

The land bordering the old Merthyr Road near and including Wellfield Road was part of the Bute Pen-y-wain estate at the time of the Tithe Map (1840).  Here was the well or spring called Ffynnon Bren (See Project Newsletter Vol.1.No.3.page 23) and a field called Cae Ty Coch (Tithe lap No.255) in the corner of which stood the cottage and garden (Tithe Map No.256) of Edward Richards, who seems to have held it copyhold. The plot can be identified on the 1:2500 OS.map 1880 as Pant-yr-Wyn. The small delta shaped plot in the elbow of the Cefn Coed lane (Pen-y-lan Road) and the Merthyr Road was owned and occupied by Leyshon Leyshon,

On the opposite side of the road (between the present Cottrell Road and Claude Place) was a narrow elongated plot (No.259 on Tithe Plan) owned by J.Mathew Richards and separated from his Plas Newydd grounds by a nursery garden which formed part of the Roath Court estate. In this small detached plot stood the cottage and garden occupied by Howell Rees, alongside which emerged a footpath from Plwcca lane (City Road), traversing the Plas Newydd fields.

Near the intersection with Cefn Coed lane (Pen-y-lan load) and a few yards along the lane stood Cross Cottage which was demolished in 1899. Its name obviously derives from the nearby cross roads.

For the rest of its course towards the village, the road separated the lands of Charles Morgan (later the Tredegar estate) from those of Charles Crofts Williams of Roath Court.

Opposite the present Claude Hotel was a cottage known: as Ty-y-cwm, which J.Hobson  Mathews (C.R.V.p.429) states should be “Ty-y-cwn’ (the dog’s house), probably indicating that the lord’s hounds were kept there. It was a small solidly built thatched cottage with a mullioned window with a stone frame and joist and hood moulding, indicating that it dated from the 16th century. He says  “it was situated on the north side of Albany Road, a little east from the end of Pen-y-lan Road. It was demolished in 1898”. (See the illustration reproduced from C.R.V.p.45).


Relying solely on directory sources to build up a picture of this part of Roath can be confusing, partly because the compilers of commercial directories tended to omit what they considered insignificant entries and partly because the names of the cottages which are mentioned were frequently chanced.  When the occupants were also frequently changing, it is virtually impossible to trace the continuity of a particular cottage without the assistance of people with local knowledge.  It is perhaps hardly necessary to mention that all directories contain a fair number of inexplicable inaccuracies.

The directories for 1891/2 to 1894/5 give only three properties in Albany Road on the north side between Per-y-lan Road and the Great House, (which was near St.Margaret’s Church) :-

  • G, Hatch           Refreshment room
  • James Meredith Meadow Cottage (presumably Ty-y-cwm)
  • George Burfitt Roath Mill


It may seem rather odd that Roath Mill should be included under Albany Road, but it was in fact the nearest road to the mill which we know was demolished in 1897. There is no entry for the mill in the directories from  1896 onward.

The refreshment room, which from a picture of the time looks a rather ramshackle structure, was on the site of the present Albany Road Baptist Church premises.  The proprietor, G.C. Match was replaced by C.Newberry according to the 1897 directory, which has only two other entries between Pen-y-lan Road and St.Margaret’s Church:-

  • Northcote F.
  • Meredith, James. Meadow cottage.

Wellfield Road was constructed in 1891 through Bute estate providing a short cut from Albany Road to Roath Park which was officially opened in 1894. The cottages and gardens between the new Wellfield Road and Pen-y-lan Road (Plot 174 on the O.S.Map) which had at one time constituted a small hamlet, disappeared with the Wellfield Road/Wellfield Place development scheme |

By 1903 ten new houses (Nos.131 to 155) had sprung up between Wellfield Road and Pen-y-lan Road. The Baptist School and the site of New  Chapel (Rev .W.H.Williams) are mentioned for the first time. The history of Albany Road Baptist Church will, we hope, be the subject of a separate article in a future newsletter in series of contributions on the Non-conformist places of worship in Roath. The church was founded in 1894.

Albany Road Methodist Church, later called Roath Park Methodist Church was built on the corner of Wellfield Road in 1898. The properties on the opposite comer were demolished to make way for a cinema.

The Globe Cinema was originally the Pen-y-lan Cinema and was built in 1913. The owner claims with some ‘justification that it is the oldest custom built cinema in continuous use in the country. Nos.109 and 111 were demolished to make room for the new cinema, on the roof of which at one time was perched a large globe.


If we continue our imaginary journey along Albany Road past the Claude Hotel, (a substantial suburban residential hotel built in 1890), we would see a group of three cottages. Mention has already been made in Project Newsletter No.l  of the village school and these cottages on the Roath Court estate.  They could perhaps now be looked at in greater detail, using mainly printed directory sources and available maps. The first was the laundress’s cottage, but when it was earlier (Directory 1892) occupied by the squire’s coachman, James Raynor it was known as White Rose cottage. It was occupied successively by Mrs Bartlett (Directory 1903), Benjamin Howe the gardener (Directory 1918) and Mrs Jennie Edmunds (Directory 1921).

The second cottage (Jessamine cottage No.2) was occupied in turn by Mrs Williams (Directory 1892), Jos.Short (Directory 1903), George Dighton (Directory 1903) and Thomas Sollis, the coachman (Directories 1913 to 1921) and later by Elizabeth Sollis (Directory 1937).  Next door, the cottage with the jasmine shrub in the front garden was the home of Lewis Jones, who dwelt there throughout the whole of a life which spanned the Boer War and two World  Wars. The tenancy passed to William E Llewellyn, his son-in-law.

Continuing past an orchard and crossing over a short lane, we soon came to a detached cottage where William Pigeon, the signalman, lived (Directory 1892). It was known as Walnut Tree cottage. It was later the home of R.T.Luckett (Directory 1913), but by the end of the first World War, John Scott, the butler to Crofts Williams of Roath Court, had taken up residence there with his family (Directory 1918). It seems to be the same property shown on the 0.S.1879 Map as ‘Spring Cottage’.

The last cottage, standing on its own, was the old village school farther along the road. Miss Florence Parkes was one time mistress there (Directory 1892). When it ceased as a school, (c.1902) it seems to have been known as Roath Court cottage and was tenanted for many years by John Young.

In 1958, shortly before their demolition, Kelly’s Directory shows:-

Roath Court cottages:

  • 5 Young, Mrs
  • 4 Wood, Albert E.
  • 3. Llewellyn, Wm.E.
  • 2 Howell , Edwd.L.

A white washed wall extended most of the length of the rest of the road to enclose the private grounds of Roath Court.

On the left side of the road as we proceed towards St Margaret’s Church is a cast iron milestone placed there c.1835 presumably by the Highway Commissioners. It stands there to this day in an unobtrusive position on the pavement against the wall of No 243 opposite the entrance co Roath Court Place as a reminder of bygone days when travellers could legitimately by-pass the turnpikes and toll-gates on the road to Cardiff and make their way to the Heath and so on to Merthyr Tydfil, which at the beginning of the 19th century was, of course, a much larger town than Cardiff.



  • Cardiff Records – J.Hobson Matthews.
  • Tithe Award Map & Apportionment Schedule for the parish of Roath- N.L.W.
  • Directories Pub. Western Mail and Kelly’s & Others. available in C.C.L.
  • Minutes of Public Works Committee, Cardiff Borough Council – C.C.L
  • Access to index of Building Plans of the Cardiff City Council was kindly provided by Mr.Morris John, the Clerk’s Department and Records Section. City Hall, Cardiff.





(Albany Road Section) from Tithe Apportionment Schedule


Although there is a considerable overlap between the map reproduced in this issue and the one previously published in Project Newsletter Vol.1.No.2.  the present reproduction of a tracing is included in this issue in order to illustrate the whole length of the Merthyr Road portion which came to be known as Albany Road.   It is one mile in length and stretches from: Roath Court to Plwcca Lane (City Road) where it meets the old parish boundary.

Only the plots not listed in Vol.1.No.2 are given below:

Plot No.        Owner                     Occupier               Description         State of Cultivation

196       John Mathew Richards    himself            Roath Castle,Garden,etc.

207           ”        ”                 ”         James Noble            Lawn                          Meadow

208           ”      ”                   ”               ”        ”            The 5 Acres                      Arable

211          ”       ”                ”                  ”         ”           The 6 Acres                     Pasture

212          ”      ”                 ”                   ”          ”             Orchard                         Arable

213          ”        ”               ”                    ”       ”              Back Lawn                     Meadow

214           ”         ”             ”                 ”          ”              The 6 Acres                     Arable

Part of Ty yn y Coed Farm   The 7 Acres                      Arable

215        ”           ”             ”                 ”          ”               Henry Griffin

218        ”           ”             ”                 ”          ”               Rough Land                   Pasture

219       ”           ”             ”                 ”          ”                     ”          ”                      Arable

220       ”           ”             ”                 ”          ”                      ”            ”                        ”

222        ”           ”             ”                 ”          ”        Water Course Field                 ”

223      ”           ”             ”                 ”          ”              The 5 Acres                           ”

Part of Pen y Wain

254               Marquis of Bute                    Edwd  Richards      Cae Pant           Pasture

255                   ”          ”                                    ”            ”           Cae ty coch        Pasture

279               Sir Chaz   Morgan,bart.          Miss Jennett            Erw Main      Pasture

280                  Edwards Edmund                     Morgan             Cair bach           Arable

281                Sir Chas. Morgan, bart.                  ”                     Dwy  Erw          Pasture

282                    ”    ”           ”          ”                   Wm.Oram        Cottage & garden      –




Albany Road

  1. Wilson Samuel                                           clerk

23 Stothard —                                                      householder


1886 (June)

Wm. Geen                                                              builder

Samuel Wilson                                                      clerk

Joseph Haley                                                         manager

Joseph  J. Pearson                                                master mariner

Inverness Place intersects

Joseph Parsons                                                       coal merchant

Mrs A. Byers

Thos Griffiths                                                         chief engineer

R.Gowyen                                                               captain

Mrs Anne Clissold

James Fairbrother                                                 clerk

Frederick C.Cockle                                                bookseller

Arabella Street intersects

Edwin Jellings                                                      builder

Edward F Garratt, “Burnaby House”                pianoforte tuner

Edward W Newbery, “Albany House”              com. traveller

August Taubmann, “Horbury house”

William Stothard

Edgar Filfoot:, “Langsdale house”                  cashier

John Duff                                                            traveller

Frederick Vyvyan                                              clerk

John Mullich

Llewellyn J. Powell                                          com. trav.

Donald street intersects

Meredith Lawrence                                        draughtsman

Mrs Elizabeth Beynon, “Somerset house”


(A portion of the map included in this directory is reproduced)


Western Mail DIRECTORY


  1. Geen William butcher
  2. William Samuel clerk
  3. Haley Joseph |

7 Vyvyan Frederick

9 Martin Miss E.A,

Inverness Place intersects

  1. Parsons Joseph coal merchant
  2. Griffiths Thomas chief engineer

17 Gowing. R

19, Clissold Miss Anne

2l, Fairbrother George                                             decorator

23 Smart Charles                                                      clerk

  1. Cockle Frederick C. bookseller

27 Chubb Samuel                                                      clerk

29 Clarke Isaac                                                          egg merchant

Arabella Street intersects

33 Garratt F                                                             pianoforte tuner

35  Jellings Edwin                                                   builder

  1. Taubmann August, “Horbury house”

39  Stothert William

41  Filfoot Edgar, “Langsdale house”

43 Duff John                                                             traveller

45 Fifoot William,                                                  junior. clerk

47   McLullich John

49 Powell Llewellyn J.                                             com. traveler

Donald Street intersects

51  Edgley Joseph                                                     engineer

53  Parton Henry H.                                               com.agent

55  Rees Edward                                                     hotel broker

57  John John                                                          accountant

59  Beynon Mrs Elizabeth

here cross over

Albany Road Board School

E.C. Wilmott                                                    master

David Evans                                                    caretaker

St. Martin’s Church

Western Mail Directory


Castle Road to Newport Road

la  Bentley T. H.                                             horticulturist

1 Green Frederick,                                       dairyman

3 Pepperd Richard,                                     fishmonger

5 Batten John,                                              butcher

7 Tregarthen J.                                             fancy repostry.

9 India and China Tea Co.

Inverness Place intersects

11 England C. D.                                          potato merchant

13 Hawkins E.                                               fruiterer

15 Albany Rd. Drapery Emporium

17 Rowland & Co.                                        drapers

19 Taylor H.                                                  butcher

21 Angell T. H.                                              confectioner

23 Herbert W. H.                                         tailor, etc.

27 Davies Gwynne,                                     draper

27 Watkins W. A.                                         boot maker

29 Jones M. H.                                             grocer

Arabella Street intersects

31 Ebrey Richard,                                        draper

33 Garratt E. F.                                             piano tuner

35 Roberts Frederick.                                 violin teacher

37 Thomas & Co.                                         butchers

39 Williams Isaac,                                        tea warehouse

41 Hillier R. J. T.,                                          pork purveyor

43 Swainson T.                                             fruiterer & greengrocer

45 Nelson James. & Sons,                          butchers

47 Breese E. M.                                            confectioner etc

49 Wooton & Co.                                         drapers

Donald Street intersects

51 Morgan John,                                         contractor

53 Pocock G. H.,                                           carpenter

55 Kendrick Samuel

57 James J. F.

59 Beynon Mrs. E.

61 Dando John

63 Parry Miss M.

65 Cochrane Thomas

67 Harding Thomas

Diana Street intersects

69 Bevan & Warlow,                                   provision merchants

71 Williams W.                                             confectioner

73 Murrell C. H.

79 Cameron John

81 Halewood Peter

83 Williams W.                                               insurance agent

Alfred Street intersects

85 Morris Wm.                                               builder

87 Daily Mrs. George

89 Lewis Thomas William

91 Walters Chas. Edgar,                                 clerk

93 Hansen C. W. W.

95 Pulman Edwin

97 Williams Mrs.

99 Davies Fredk. W. S.                                    surgeon

Angus Street intersects

101 Reid Edward, Albany house

103 Tippet Jas.  Ninian house

105 Waters M., Fernleigh,                             music teacher

107 Law James

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Wellfield Road intersects

Albany Terrace

109 Pring Mrs.

111 Carpenter James,                                    shoemaker

113 Walker T. A.

115 Harris Arthur

117 Allen Robert,                                           master mariner

119 David David

121 Burt Thomas Henry

123 Cooper Edwin C.                                     accountant

125 Martin Miss,                                            schoolmistress

127 Williams W. S.

129 Gray George,                                           baker

Penylan Road intersects

Northcote F.

Newberry C.                                                    refreshment room

Meredith Jas. Meadow cottage

Church Terrace intersects

Evans The Misses, Great hs.

Evans Mrs. Mary, Deanfield

here cross over

Roath Court

Williams C. H.

Roath Village School  – Miss Florence Sparkes, mistress

Pidgeon Wm. signalman

Jones L., Jessamin cottage

Williams Mrs  Jessamin cottage

Raynor Mrs.

Hopkins John, Claud hotel

Claud Road intersects

132 Niblett E. E.

128 Owen James D.

126 Pennington E.

124 Good A.

122 Forward T.

110 Coulthard George

108 Rolls David

106 Eldridge William

104 Gorman A

102 Farr C.

100 Thomas Henry W.

98 Jones T. D,

96 Jones J. A.                                                  chemist

94 Snook and Son,                                       grocers and bakers

Cottrell Road intersects

92 Elias Daniel,                                               grocer

90 Sensicle Bros.                                            butchers

88 Hancock C.                                                 confectioner

86 Albany road post office

86a Davies U. B. |

84 Joseph Leo.                                                chemist

82 Taylor William

80 Yong George William

78 Vallender Joseph

76 Abel Thomas

74 Buckham F.                                                surgeon

70 Wills Mrs. E.

68 Bromfield Harry

66 Diett Captain W. H. R.

62 Morgan William,                                       traveller

60 Harland Thomas


54 Miles William.                                           fruiterer & greengrocer

52 Hughes, E., Devon & Somerset Dairy

50 Thompson & Son,                                     photographers

48 Bowles A. & Son,                                       fruiterers & confectioner

46 Bishop Mrs, E.,                                          news agent

44 Tunks B.                                                     baker & confectioner

42 Moore W.                                                  ironmonger

Albany Road Board School

Wilmott E. C., master

Thomas Evan, caretaker

Plasnewydd Rd intersects

38 Griffin & Blanchard,                                  grocers

36 Riggs C. H.                                                  tailors

34 Tatem James,                                             china dealer

30 Gill Joseph,                                                master mariner

28 Howells Thomas,                                       foreman

26 Dutton G. F., Enville Villa

24 Penberthy Carter Samuel

22 Ingate George

20 Robinson J.                                                surgeon

18 Swain Mrs.

16 Wilson Samuel

14 Hart Frederick

12 Solomon A. J. Woodville

10 North Rev. Henry

8 Tait Thomas A., Avondale

6 Jones David,                                                master mariner

4 O’Flyn J. L.                                                    marine engineer

2 Pearn Thomas.                                            master mariner

St. Martin’s Mission Church



Western Mail Directory



la Hobbs H.                                                     cleaner and dyer

l  Roath Park Dairy Co. Ltd.

3 Pepperd Richard,                                        fishmonger and fruiterer

5 Batten John,                                                butcher

7 & 9 Price W. H.,                                           grocer

——Inverness Place intersects

11 Stead & Simpson,                                      boot and shoe dealers

13 Home & Colonial Stores

15 & 17 Collins H.                                           draper and milliner

19 Hillborne H.                                               confectioner

21 Pegrams Provision Stores—

Ridgways, Ltd., proprietors.

25 Jones E. B.,                                                 pork butcher

25 Thomas D. Emlyn,                                     draper

27 Hopson. H. A.,                                hairdresser, confectioner, newsagent and tobacconist

29 Lewis J. R.                                                   grocer

—Arabella Street intersects

51 Boots Cash Chemists, Ltd,

33 Eastmans (Limited),                                  butchers

55 Treseder W., Ltd.                                       florists

37 Wilkins W.                                                 butcher

39 Hodge & Co.                                              florists

41 Oliver George,                                           boot and shoe dealer

45 Thomas Evan,                                            ironmonger

45 Williams S.,                                                tobacconist and newsagent

45a Johnson Bros., Ltd.,                                 dyers and cleaners

47 Lipton Ltd.,                                                grocers & confectioners

49 Williams John G.,                                      draper

——Donald Street intersects

51 Davies D. J. & Co.                                      outfitters and hairdressers

Paviour T. L.,                                                photographer

53 Evans Evan,                                               draper & milliner

55 Lovell I. J.,                                                  confectioner and tobacconist

57 Thomas I. L.,                                              tobacconist, newsagent, and stationer

59 Hicks J. W.,                                                 butcher

61 Willis A.,                                                    fishmonger

63 Nuttall F. W.,                                             ironmonger

65 Potter T. S.,                                                fruiterer and greengrocer

67 Jones David & Co.,                                    tailors

——Diana Street intersects

69 Cardiff Co-operative Society, Ltd., Reg. Office

71 & 73 Devon Outfitting and Drapery Company

75 Devon Drapery Co.

77 Hinton & Sons,                                          butchers

79 Miles W.,                                                   fruiterer

81 Shelley Mrs. F. C.,                                      fancy shop, stationer & newsagent.

83 Sensicle F.,                                                 butcher

——Alfred Street intersects

85 Thomas P.,                                                 florist

87 Venning A. H.,                                           confectioner and tobacconist

91 Wickens J. & S.,                                         florists and fruiterers

93 Baker W. & Co.                                          grocers

95 Roberts Ed. W.,                                         bookseller, newsagent & tobacconist

97 Meek A. G.,                                                boot dealer

99 Wilts & Dorset Bank, Careless R. S., Bank house

—Angus Street intersects

101 Jones John & Co.,                                    drapers

103 Tanner John,                                           fruiterer

105 The Park Meat Supply

107 Lear Herbert John,                                  draper

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Wellfield Road intersects

107a Lewis D.,                                                 china & glass dealer

Binns Percy,                                                 dental rooms

White W.,                                                     hairdresser and tobacconist

109 Paxman’s,                                                dyers & cleaners

111 Prentice John,                                          marine engineer

113 Probyn Mrs. Mary

115 Seymour William

117 Bishop Miss,                                           circulating liby.

119 Hoops H. L.,                                             physician and surgeon

121 Maton Miss M

123 Thorne Mrs Kate

127 Johns Mrs. Martha

129 Philips —

131 Wignall Harry S.

135 Burstein N. S.,                                           artificial teeth manufacturer

137 McComb Mrs. A.

139 Newton Arthur

141 Lewis Arthur,                                        commercial  traveller

143 Lloyd Thomas S.

145 Partridge Fred. Ford

147 Williams Thomas,                                   traveller

149 Priest Mrs. Jessie N.

151 Kenvyn Mrs. Margaret

153 Bewley Alfred,                                         mason

155 Stuckey & Graves,                                   ladies and children’s outfitters

157 Rose I. & J.,                                              tailors

159 Gammon A. F.,                                        boot dealer

161 Lowther R.,                                              stationer and bookseller

163 Oldham Percy R.,                                     greengrocer and fishmonger

165 Wiggins W.,                                             butcher

167 Collins, E. H.,                                           confectioner, tobacconist and cafe

— Penylan Road intersects

——Blenheim Road intersects

Albany Road Baptist Church – Rev. G. W. Harte, pastor

Nos 173 to 303 not transcribed – all residential

Here cross over

Nos 206 to 166 not transcribed – all residential

164 Newsway J.,                                             laundry proprietor,

Young John,                                                    Roath Court cottage

Luckett R. T.,                                                   Walnut Tree cottage

Jones L.,                                                          Jessamine cottage

Sollis Thomas,                                                Jessamine cottage

Skyrme Mrs. Myra

Douthwaite Mrs. E.,                                       Claude Hotel

Claude Place intersects

136a Petherbridge W.,                                   bootmaker

136 Buchanan H., Greenway dairy

134 Watkins Thomas,                                    engineer

132 Pollock John,                                           motor engineer

130 Nicholas David

128 Bale Harry

126 Jeans F.,                                                   cab proprietor

124 Hazeldine H. E.,                                       house and estate agent, builder, etc.

122aAscott-Evans M. E.,                                confectioner and tobacconist

122 Williams Bros. & Co.,                               decorators and plumbers

120 Hardwick A.,                                             butcher

118 Brian John

116 Leech C. & Son,                                       tailors

112 Holtham Benjamin Thomas

Claude Road intersects

108 Dally Osmond M.,                                   fish bar

106 Lee Man,                                                  Chinese laundry

100 Gifford & Co.                                           fishmongers

98 Vale J.                                                         fruiterer

96 Jones J. Lee,                                               chemist

94 Snook R. G. H. & Son,                               grocers

—Crottrell Road intersects

92 Collins Henry & Sons., Ltd.                       grocers

90 Docker W.                                                  pork butcher

88 River Plate Fresh Meat Co., Limited

86 Davies Hugh B.,                                         hairdresser, tobacconist, etc.

84 Joseph Leo.                                                chemist

82 Evans J. F.                                                  baker and confectioner

78 & 80 Downing J. R.S.                                 watchmaker and post office

76 Buckingham J. T.                                        dairy

74 Buckham I.                                                 surgeon

  1. Fear Mrs. E. H.

70 Beames George

68 Burge Madam                                            milliner

66 Phillips Frederick                                       dentist’s – mechanic

64 Jones Thomas. D.                                      commercial traveller

62 Davies J. & E.                                             stationer and fancy dealers

60 Bishop W. H. & Son,                                 sanitary engineers, decorators etc

58 Blethyn W. H.                                            picture dealer and framer

56 Watts G.                                                    bootmaker

54 Parsons J. & Co.                                         cycle makers

52 Singer Manufacturing Co.

50 Barnes W. J.,                                              confectioner

48 Scott Thos.                                                 baker & confectioners

46 Davies C.                                                    hairdresser and tobacconist

44 Pearce W.                                                  grocer and dairy

42 Montgomerie & Teague,                          consulting herbalists

40 Price Ernest R. & Co.,                                baker’s engineers and oven builders

Webber W.                                                   cabinet maker

Spencer A.                                                   sculptor & carver

Brewer J. G.                                                  painter etc.

Albany Road. Council Schools—

Wilmott E. C.,     master

Smith George     caretaker

Plasnewydd Rd. intersects

58 Grifin G. W. J. & Co                                   grocers and wine & spirit merchants

56 Longstaff C. H.                                          bazaar

32 Dodge J. R.                                                 hay & corn merchants

28 Owen R. W.                                                 china and glass dealer

26 Herbert W. H.                                            tailor

24 Robinson J.                                                surgeon

22 Roberts Art Emporium (Cardiff), Ltd.       picture frame makers and dealers

20 The White City Furnishers

18 Lewis Edgar Parry

16 Wilson Samuel

14 Hart Frederick,                                          goods agent

12 Sargent A. W.                                            photographer

10 Lowe E. H. & Son,                                      dental surgery

8 Tait T. A., “Avondale”                                master mariner

6 Jones David                                                 master mariner

4 Stock John Talbot

2 Burrelli Ltd cycle and pianoforte dealers

St Martin’s Church




1a Furnivall E, Mrs                                         tobacconist

1 Roath Park Dairy Co. Ltd.

Butler Miss Joan                                           ladies’ hairdresser

3 Pepperd Richard                                         fishmonger and fruiterer

6 Thomas Harry                                              baker and confectioner

7 Home & Colonial Stores

9 Tabor W                                                       florist

Inverness Place intersects

11, 13, 15, 17 & 19 Collins H.                        draper and milliner

21 Star Supply Stores |

23 & 25 Collins H                                           ladies’ and children’s outfitters

27 Hopson H. A                                              hairdresser, confectioner, newsagent and tobacconist, wholesalers

29 Collins H                                                    milliner

Arabella Street intersects

31 Boots Cash Chemists, Ltd.

33 Dewhurst H. J.Ltd.                                     butchers

35 Stead & Simpson,                                      boot and shoe dealers

37 Oakey W & Sons                                        butchers

39 Price Bros.                                                  bakers & confectioners

41 Oliver George                                            boot & shoe dealer

43 Thomas & Son, Evan                                 ironmongers

45 Smith & Co.                                               fruiterers

47 Lipton, Ltd.                                                 grocers, etc.

49 Morgan Hopkin, Ltd.

Donald Street intersects

51 & 53 Woolworth, Ltd. F. W.

55 Lovell I. J                                                    stationers & tobacconists

57 Lloyd Mrs. L.                                              tobacconist

569 Monks, W. H.                                           butcher

61, 63, 65 & 67 Cardiff Co-operative Soc Ltd,  clothiers, outfitters, milliners, etc.

——Diana Street intersects

69 Cardiff Co-operative Soc Ltd                    grocers

9 Day, J. T.                                                       dispensing and family chemist

73 Davies D. J. & Co.                                      gents outfitters

75 The Scotch Wool & Hosier Stores

77 Direct Trading Company

79 Vale O                                                        fruiterer

81 Johnson Bros (Dyers) Ltd.

8laThe Hereford Libraries

83 Chain Libraries, Ltd.

Alfred Street Intersects

85 Thomas P.                                                  florist

87 Brooks Dye Works Ltd.

89 Merretts, Ltd.                                            bakers, etc.

91 Edwards D.                                                florist & fruiterer.

93 Baker W.                                                    grocer

95 Cadogan O. L.                                            photo & artist supply

97 & 99 Meek A. G.                                        boot dealer

99 Searles H. M.

Angus Street intersects

101 Creemer W. J., Ltd.                                  engineer

103 Evans J. R.,                                               butcher

105 Thomas H.  The Cabin                          confectioners

107 Roberts D. E.                                            ironmonger

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel :

Rev. Green C. A.

Wellfield Road intersects

109 Penylan Cinema

113 Whiteman Miss,                                      confectioner

115 Jenkins Ivor

119 King Amelia Mrs.

121 Goldsmith Annetta Miss, L.R.A.M.

128 Pryce John

125 Edmunds Ivor A.

127 Meadowland Milk Ltd.

129a Davies P. R.                                            confectioners & tobacconists

129bNorman I. Miss                                       costumer

129c Gough F.                                                 butcher

13la Pidsley & Dyer,                                       garage

131c Morgan F.                                               hairdresser

131 Hurst Peter .

131b Jones C. Hubert,                                    antiques & modern

133 Ellis Miss Charlotte Ann

135 Davies George

137 Collier Mrs. Hannah

139 Thomas James

141 Bartin James

143 Jones Mrs. A.

145 Partridge F, F.,                                         decorator

147 Williams Thomas,                                   accountant

149 Priest Mrs. Jessie N.

151 Johnson D. Miss, “Julienne”                   furrier

153 Clode Miss,                                              confectioner

155 Rees A. Mrs.

Edwards Mrs.,                                         confectioner

157 Rose I & J                                                 tailor

159 Gammon A. F.                                         boot maker

161 Harper, Willie & Co. Ltd.                        stationer & bookseller

163 Oldham Percy R.                                      greengrocer and fishmonger

165 Lily H. L.,                                                  butcher

167 Collins E. H.,                                                           confectioner, tobacconist and cafe

Penylan Road intersects .

Blenheim Road intersects

Albany Road Baptist Church

Rev. J. Sansam Iles

173 to 315 – not transcribed

Here cross over

228 to 178 not transcribed

176 Clode Ivor L.

174 Jones Miss L.                                            school teacher

172 Roberts William

179 Riddett Robert. H. W.

168 Zigmond John

163 Davies David,                                           draper

164 Newsway John L.                                     laundry proprietor, Beemah

162 Harris M.

Young John,                                     Ash Tree Court.

Jones L.,                                            Jessamine Cottage

Sollis Mrs. Elizabeth,                       Jessamine Cottage

Edmunds Mrs. Jennie,                     Roath Court Cottage

140 Claude Hotel, Walter Frisk

Claude Place intersects

138 Burrowes Percy

Petherbridge Mrs. Maria Sarah,                    bootmaker

136 Meadow J. R., Greenway dairy,             tobacconist & confectioner

134 Watkins Thomas,                                    engineer

132 Wall Francis

Wing Gee.                                        laundry

130 William Preece

128 Jones, Sydney F                                        motor engineers

120 Hardwick A.                                             english meat purveyors

118 Lukins Miss F

116 Leech F. C. & A. W.

114 Thomas Mary E. Miss

112 Parton H.

Claude Road intersects

110 Thomas J. Owen, M.P.S., F.C.S.,                            chemist & druggist.

108 Crook J: D.,                                                             fish saloon

106 and 104 Gillard J. & Co.,                                       auctioneers

102 Evans David,                                                         green grocers

100 Edwards John,                                                       fish merchant

96 Jones J. Lee, chemist, M.P.S.

94 Welsh County Stores, Ltd.

Peaty A. E., L.D.S., R.C.S.

Allen H. R., L.D.S., R.C.S.

Cottrell Road intersects

92 Collins Hy. & Sons, Ltd.,                                          grocers

99 Thomas R. D.,                                                                         butcher

88 Catons Dyers & Cleaners, Ld.

86 Wells Mrs. R H.,                                                       newsagent and tobacconist

84 Thomas William,                                                     fruiterer

80 Du Barrys,                                                                ladies’ hairdresser

Davies D. B.,                                                               tailor

78 Roberts Mrs. A. L.,                                                   jeweler and watchmaker

Buckingham J. H.,                                                      dairy

79 Buckham Fred.,                                                        surgeon

72 Rowlands S.,                                                            ladies’ hairdresser

70 James Watson C.,                                                    dental surgeon

68 Angle Vivian R.

66 Jones Glyn,                                                               ladies’ hairdresser

64 Albany Road Post Office

62 Bowen Misses M. and E.                                         art needlework & fancy drapers

60 O’Connor Patrick

60 Singer Sewing Machine Co.

58 Harmston & Fickling,                                               music showroom

56 Williams Mrs. E. M.,                                                hairdresser, tobacconist etc

54 Squire A.,                                                                 tailor

50 and 52 McArthur, Miss,                                          milliner and hairdresser


48 Scott Thomas                                                          baker and confectioner

46 Grafton Shoe repair company

44a Edmunds,                                                               umbrella repairer

42b Organ & Webber,                                                  radio and electric specialists

42a Nethercott Arthur                                                 tobacconists and confectioners

40 Price Ernest R. & Co., Ltd.                                       bakers engineers & oven builders

Albany Road Council Schools

Headmistress Girls – Jones M Miss

Infants – Broben E.N.

Headmaster – Riden G W

—Plasnewydd Rd intersects:

38 Griffin Stores,                                                      grocers & wine and spirit merchants

36 Rose H.                                                                     mantle & costumier

34 Freedman H.                                                             optician

32 Bolton S. J.,                                                              watchmaker & jeweller

30 Parsons W.                                                               corn and seed merchants

28 Hart J. & Son,                                                         fishmongers and poulterers

26 Ideal Cleaners & Dyers, Ltd

24 Robinson R V, LRCP & SI.,                                        surgeon

24aMcKelvey Thomas,  M B & B.B.                             surgeon

22 Wood Wm. Radford

20 Wellfield Coal Co.  manager, Chamberlain R. H.

18 Curry S.,                                                                    wireless & gramps.

16 Curry’s Cycle Shop

14 Ballard P. A.,                                                            grocers

12 Jones D. & Co., Ltd.,                                                tailors

10 Hurley H. R.,                                                             butcher

6 National (The) Bank, Ltd.   Manager, Leving A. T.

4 Hart Mannie,                                                             ladies costumier.

2 Principality Building Society

St. Martin’s Church—Vicar Rev. L. E. De Ridder, B.A.

Argyll Chambers

Withers Percy H.                                                        tailor and outfitter

Isaac Reuben,                                                            registered financier

Rosser L. G., A.R.R.C., M.I.S.C.H.                               chiropodist

Argyll Stores (Cardiff) Ltd.                                      registered office






la, Furnival & Symons,                                      confectioners

1 Roath Park Dairy Co.Ltd

1 Bartletts (Cardiff) Ltd                                 ladies’ hairdressers

3 Mac Fisheries Ltd.                                       fishmongers

5 Brighter Homes Ltd.                                    wallpaper merchants

5a, Garner Wilfred K

7 Home & Colonial Stores                              provision merchants

9 Taber William.                                                   florist

Inverness Place intersects

11/25 & 29 Collins Drapers (Cardiff) Ltd.       drapers

27 Hopson & Son Ltd.                                       wholesale  tobacconists

29 Collins Drapers (Cardiff) Ltd.                    drapers

Arabella Street intersects

31 Boots The Chemists

33 Dewhurst J. H. Ltd                                     butchers

33 Morgans Thomas

35 Stead & Simpson Ltd                                boot & shoe mfrs

35 Baker Royston D

387 Oakey W. & Sons                                     butchers

37 Oakey G. W

39 Price Bros. (Bakers) Ltd

39 Readman Thomas. A

41 Oliver George (Footwear) Ltd

43 Thomas Evan & Son                                  ironmongers

45 Smith & Co.                                               fruitiers & greengrocers

47 Lipton Ltd.                                                 grocers & tea dealers

49 Hopkin Morgan Bakeries Ltd.                   bakers & pastrycooks

49a Hendy Mrs. R. P

Donald Street intersects

51/53 Woolworth F. W. Ltd

55 Francis Leslie.

55 Wyman & Sons Ltd                                   newsagents

57/63 Littlewoods Home Stores Ltd

Diana street intersects

69 Co-operative Retail Service & installations

71 Day Jn. T.                                                   chemist & druggist

73 Willis Leonard W.                                      outfitter

75 Fleming, Reid & Co.Ltd.                            wool stores

77 & 79 Star Supply Stores                            grocers

81 Johnson Bros. (Dyers) Ltd.                        dyers & cleaners

8la, Gerrish B. H. Ltd                                      television  sales, service & installations

8lb, Duncan Mrs. P. M

83 Chain Libraries Ltd

Alfred Street intersects

85 Thomas Percy (Florists) Ltd.                     nurserymen

85 Higgins Joseph

87 Vaughan W. E. & Co. Ltd.                         dyers & cleaners

87 Biggs Harry P

89 Merretts Ltd.                                             bakers & pastrycooks

91 Hart Harry                                                 fruiterer

93  Davies M. & Son (Cardiff) Ltd.              wallpaper merchants

95  Strickson Geo.                                          photographer

97/99  Meek A. G.                                          boot & shoe retailer

97a  Sheppard Raymond A

99a  Edwards David

Angus street intersects

101  Manley Mrs. M. M

101  South Wales Electricity Board                             showrooms & offices

103 Boughton H. R.                                        butcher

105 Rose C, A.                                                confectioner

107 Roberts D. E. Ltd.                                    ironmongers

107 Matthews Cyril

Roath Park Methodist Church

Wellfield Road intersects

Bangor Street intersects

109  Globe Cinema

113 Evans D.                                     newsagent

113 Edwards 0.                                hairdresser

113 Jenkins Griffith D

113 Dray Jack

115 Jenkins Ronald

117 Graver Albert

119 Irving Vernal A. R

121 Bradford Alan J

123 Pryce Mrs. M

125 Walters Mrs. G. M

129a Roath Foot Comfort Centre

129b Orchard Fruit Stores

129c Hill C. V.                                                    butcher

131 Hurst Miss P

13la, Dyer & Son,                                            motor engineers

131b/13lc Bents Geo. E. H.                           antique dealer

133 Ellis Miss C. A

135 Behemna B

137 Thomas Miss M. E

139 Thomas James

141 Guy Phyllis

141 Cotton Jn. E

143 Bryon Frederick

145 Dowley Sidney

147 Thomas Samuel J

149 Priest Mrs. J.N .

151 Valerie’s,                                                  ladies’ hairdresser .

151 Grinter Frederick, C

153 Richards L. C.                                                         confectioner

l6la, Davies Mrs. M. A .

161 Jones Sydney S. Ltd.                                electrical accessories dealers

163 Bond M. E.                                               fruiterer & greengrocer

165 Lilly Harry,                                               butcher

167 Patten’s Motors,                                     motor car agents & dealers

Pen-y-lan Rd. intersects

Blenheim Rd. intersects

Baptist Church

173 to 315 not transcribed

here cross over

246 to 164 not transcribed

162 Jones Ifor R

Roath Court cottages.

5 Young Mrs. M

4 Wood Albt. E

8 Llewellyn Wm. E

2 Howell Edward. L

140 Claude Hotel

Claude Terrace intersects

138 Vaughan W. E. & Co. Ltd.                                      dyers & cleaners

138 Williams Mrs. Lena

136 Jones Sydney S. Ltd.                                              confectioners

134 Baldwin Frederick. T

132a, Albany School of Motoring

130 Preece Wm. E.G. J

128 Snakpak Food Products                                         nut kernel packers

126/122 Jones Sydney S Ltd.                                        motor car agents.& dealers

120 Kemp Rd.                                                                ladies’ outfitter

118 Lukins Miss F. E. A

116 Hockey Mrs. R

114 Welsher Mrs. V

114 Bowler Stanley

Claude Road intersects

110 Thomas John. O., F.C.S.                         chemist

108 Clark’s,                                                     fried fish dealers

106/104 Lovitt T. H., F.A.I.                             auction rooms

104a, Lovitt Gerald

102a, Kerr Wm. A

102 Harrison Hy.                                              clothier

100 Edwards Miss H.                                      fishmonger

96 Howell E. G. & Sons Ltd.                           chemists

96 Hampton Alan S

94 Modern Sales Equipment Wales Ltd.      shop fittings supplies

94 Allen Mrs. M. R

Cottrell Road intersects

92 Collins H. & Sons Ltd                                grocers

90 Cravos Jn.                                                  fruiterer & greengrocer

88 Bollom Ltd.                                                dyers & cleaners

88 Williams Edward

86 Lewis Edwin Ltd                                         boot & shoe dealers

86 Lewis Edwin

84 Pond Jn. C

84 Art Depot (The),                                        fancy goods dealers

82 Herman Mrs. M

82 Jenkins C. (Butchers) Ltd.                          butchers

82 Parfitt Geo

80 Hudson Miss K.                                         ladies’ hairdresser

80 Harris Thomas

78 Roberts Mrs. A. L.                                      jeweller

76 Fletchers (Cleaners) Ltd.                           dyers & cleaners

76 Gasson Lyle

74b, Hirst John

72 Rowlands Stanley,                                     ladies’ hairdresser

70 Murphy Mrs M

68 AngIe Mrs. E

66 Jones Glynne                                              ladies hairdresser

64 Mackenzie Mrs. J. T  Albany Road Branch Post Office

62 Bowen Miss E

62 Wien S.                                                      delicatessen stores

60 O’Connor Mrs. C

60 Gammon Herbt. C.                                    boot & shoe repairs

58 Creemers Radio & Electrical Ltd

58a  Larer Peter

56 Marynell                                                    juvenile outfitter

56 St. David Mrs. E

54 Lewis Mrs. P

54 Maidie’s                                                      confectioners

54a, Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd

52/50 Modern Business Equipment (Wales) Ltd. office appliances & equipment

48 Scott Miss J. E.                                           baker & pastrycook

46 Jordan Lawrence

46 Pagoda Shoe Service Ltd.                          boot & shoe repairs

44 George Thomas

44 Phelps William. G

Price Ernest R. Ltd.                                         bakers’ engineers

County Primary School

Albany County Secondary Girls’ School

Plasnewydd Road. intersects

Howells Rt. B. (School. ho)

38 Griffin’s Stores Ltd                                    wine & spirit merchants

38 Griffin’s Stores Ltd                                    grocers

38 Griffin John. W

36 Black S. & M. Ltd.                                      house furnishers

34 Rowe Mrs. Dora

34 Cohen M. & S. Ltd                                     opticians

32 Kuber,                                                        gowns

32a, Hughes Mrs. E. J

30 Parsons Mrs. E. E.                                      pets food

28 Newman Frederick. J

26 Royal Typewriters,                                    typewriter manufactures

26 Royal McBee,                                             typewriter manufactures

24 Robinson R. V., M.B.,B.Ch., B.A.O.           physician & surgeon

24 Oarr Jas. F., B.Se., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.       physician & surgeon

24 Coutts Wm. E., M.A., M.B., Ch.B.             physician & surgeon

24 Jones Vyvyan H.(M.R.C.S.,  L.R.C.P.D.C.H. physician & surgeon

24 Carr Jas. M. M., M.B.,B.Ch., B.A.O.           physician & surgeon

24 Finch Mrs. M. M

22 Welsh Pies Ltd.                                          bakers & pastrycooks

22 Hill D.

22 Hill Reginald

20 Wellfield Fireplaces,                                 fireplace specialists

20 Povey Gwyn H

18 Television Ltd.                                           sales, service & installations

18 Upcott D

18 Tucker Raymond I

16 Williams G. E. & J.                                     fancy goods

16 Simmons S

16 Bolland Reginald

14 Melias Ltd.                                                 provision merchants

14 Smith Harold E

12a, Harding Mrs. Y

12 Raab Louis Ltd.                                          tailors

10 Hurley Reginald. H.                                   butcher

10 Dunn Jas

10 Thomas Malcolm

8/6 National Bank Ltd

6 Sparkes Ralph H

4 Harris Charles

4 Quality Stores                                              grocers

2a, Lewis John. C

2 Lewis J. C. & Sons                                        travel agents

Argyll chambers.

The Cardiff School of Embroidery & Design

Parfitt (Builders) Ltd. builders





Corner of Mackintosh Place:


Wild & Woolly

The Top Spot                         Greengrocers

  1. Satellite T.V./video sales, repairs experts
  2. Albany Snack Bar

5/9, Jaco                                       clothiers etc.

Inverness Place intersects

11/17 Tesco’s Supermarket

19  Michael Lloyd

21   Bradford and Bingley Building Society

23  Burtons                                                                   bakers

27  Hopson and Son Ltd                                             tobacconists

29 Halfords

Arabella Street intersects

31 Curry’s                                                                   radio,TV & elec. dlrs

33 Dewhurst                                                   butchers

35  Stead and Simpson                                  shoe shop

37  L T Keen (Butchers) Ltd                            butcher

39 Harold Green & Son Estate Agents & agents for Abbey National Building Soc

41 George Oliver (Footwear) Ltd                      shoe shop

43 Woolwich Bldg Society

45/49 Premises vacant

Donald Street intersects

51/57   Woolworths

59   Granada TV Rentals

61/63  Kwik Save Discount Stores

Diana Street intersects

69/71 N.C.C. Chemists                                pharmacists etc

73  Turners Shoes Ltd                                  shoe shop

75    Hodges Men’s Wear Ltd                      gents outfitters

77/79  Boots the Chemists

81  Anita’s

Crusty Loaf (E.J.Jones)

83   Waterlow                                         newsagents

Alfred Street intersects

85  Percy Thomas (Florists) Ltd

87  Anton Attard                                    photographer

Poppers                                              gowns & dresses

89  Merretts                                           bakers and pastrycooks

91 Pippins                                               greengrocers

93  Albany Discount

95  Studio Graphic

97/99 A.G.Meek                                shoe shop

Angus Street intersects

101  S.Wales Elect. Board. Showrooms

103  premises vacant (formerly Mine Kitchens Ltd)

105  Howard O’Brien, Joseph Lewis & James                         solicitors

107   Principality Bldg Soc.

Wellfield Road intersects

109/111 Globe cinema

113   Albany Books

115 to 125  Private houses

127  City D.I.Y. Ltd

129a The Orchard

129b Mister Natural

131 Car Elect & Engine Tuning Centre

131c South Wales Computers

133 Clara’s                                                                                  salad bar & coffee shop

151 Mikes Antiques

153/155 K.H.Baynton                                                            elect. specialists

157  Wectum Food Centre

159  Albany Tandoori

161  Wash Inn                                                                  laundrettes

163  M.E.Bond

165   Michaels                                                                             hairstylists

167 Arnold’s Restaurant

Penylan Road intersects

Albany Road Baptist Church

Here cross over

National Service Station

140  Claude Hotel

Claude Place intersects

138  Vaughans Cleaners                                     cleaners

136  China Kitchen Chop Suey House                      Chinese Take-away and off-licence

134-132 private houses

132a  Dress Sense

130 private house

Centra Supermarket

122  Bill Thomas Motors Ltd

120  R.H.Kemp                                                        golf school

118/116a private houses

116 Insight Video                                                   video hire library

114 The Cellars                                      home wine-making brewing

112  united Council on Alcohol and Drugs

Claude Road intersects

110 Penylan Antiques

103 Sky Way                                                   chine restaurant

104/106 F.A.Jones & Co                                 decorators merchants

102 Cane ‘N Pine Shop

100  Cardiff Cards

98   Tandoori Mahal                                      restaurant

94  Midland Bank Ltd

Cottrell Road intersects

92 Henry Collins & Sons Ltd                          grocers

90  Albany Fruit Supply

88  Brothers Bird

86  Peter Alan                                                 estate agents

84  Shaws                                                        drapers

82 K.R.Lewis                                                    butchers

82 Alberto Art de Coiffeur Ltd                          hair stylists

80  A.J. & B. Dudden                                      newsagents and tobacconists

78  Tilly’s

76  Grech’s                                                      leather goods

74b Albany Gallery

74  Zio Pin Restaurant, Luciano’s

72  Stardust                                                    amusement arcade

70  Dress Shop (formerly Laundro Laundrette)

68  Peter Mulcahy, estate agent and agent for Leeds Permanent Building Society

66 Gold Gold Gold

64  Albany Road Post Office

62  Telufusion

60  D & D Agency Services Ltd

60  Paul Bernard , For Beauty in Hair                                        hair stylists

60  Rediffusion

58  Halifax Building society

56  Marlborough Carpets & Curtains

54  Vision-hire

52  Mayfair Hairstylists Salon                                                    hair stylists

50/52  ground floor premises vacant (formerly Lo Cost Supermarket)

48 C Cleghorn                                                                              butchers

46 Kent                                                                                        jewellers


44 Pet-food shop

42  Toy Town

Albany Road School

Plasnewydd Road intersects

38 Roberts                                                                                   wine merchants

34/36  Chalmers & Davies                                                          opticians

32  Here’s News                                                                          newsagents

30 Merion Lewis                                               estate agent and agent for Nationwide Building Society

30  Jim Grove and Associates                                      chartered Architects and town planners

28 Oxfam

26  Cousins Travel

24  Surgery

20/22  Superb cleaners

18  Albany Fish Bar

16  Brooks                                                                     sunblind and curtain makers

14  The Cheap Shop

12  Maureen Freeman & Co                                        estate agents

1st floor: Marcello’s Hair Salon

10  Fish and Chip Bar

6/8  William & Glyn’s Bank

4  Mughal Tandoor Restaurant

2  Express Gas

St Martin’s Church


Corner of City Road

Buy & Sell Shop

Leisure Time Travel (1st floor)

Roath Video Film Hire

Argyll Chambers:

Wm.T.Kenney & Co.

Quartermasters Stores