Shots from above

Construction of Eastern Avenue

Construction of Eastern Avenue in around 1970. The UWIST halls of residence at the end of Llwyn-y-grant Road on the bottom right of the photo. The Edward Nicholl Home for Children mid way on the left.

Power station - shared by David O'Brien CN&T

Newport Rod running along the bottom. Roath Power Station cooling towers dominating the picture with the trolley bus depot to its left. Lady Margaret School can be seen top left of the picture.

Aerial view of Roath Park Lake - year unknown

Aerial view of Roath Park Lake – year unknown. Lake Road East to the left and Lake Road West to the right.   

Tredegarville area of Cardiff, pre-WWII. The church with the tall spire in the centre is St James the Great on the Newport Road / Glossop Road junction. Just to the north is Roath Road Wesleyan Chapel on the Newport Road / City Rad junction, bombed in WWII.