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Roath Park

The area covered by the old parish of Roath contains a healthy amount of green space as does Cardiff as a whole.  Discuss Cardiff to anyone who has lived or visited here and one of the first tings mentioned is Roath Park.  Only part of Roath Park however falls within the old parish of Roath.  The Botanical Gardens and Roath Park Lake fall outside but perhaps we can be allowed a little leeway on our ‘area of interest’ and include them in this section, especially as they the name Roath is used in the naming of Roath Park Lake.

Roth Park has a rich history and must be one of the most photographed parts of the city.  When we come across old pictures we will put them here and over time add some highlights of the history of the park.

The history of Roath park and other Cardiff parks is covered well on the Cardiff Parks website which is run by past and present members of the Cardiff Parks Department but the website operates independently from Cardiff City Council.

Roath Park Lake


Roath Park Lake

Roath Park Lake around 1900


Roath Park Botanical Gardens

Roath Park Lake waterfall

Roath brook exiting Roath Park Lake

Roath Park Botanical Gardens 1904