Vol 4 No 2 The Streets of Roath

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In 1841 Roath consisted of a vestige of a nucleated Village made up of a few poor farmsteads and cottages clustered around the parish church.  The village street, now the residential end of Albany Road, contained about half a dozen cottages. A few comparatively isolated farmsteads were dotted around the periphery of the parish. The Census statistics tell us that the number of houses in the whole of the parish was 60.  The Tithe Plan for the parish of Roath shows that the land was two-thirds meadow and pasture and one third arable and woodland. The woodland occupied only 7% of the whole area, and the arable 27%.

The Land Owners in Roath in 1841

The principal land owners and their holdings as a percentage of the area of the parish were:

Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. (Tredegar Estate)                    39%

Marquess of Bute                                                             27%

Thomas William Edwards                                                 10%

William Mark Wood                                                         6%

John Mathews Richards (later ,Mackintosh estate)        5%

Charles Crofts Williams (Roath Court Estate)                 4%

Mary Charles                                                                     1.4%

William Alexander Bradley                                               1.2%

The Pioneers of Urbanisation

Of the above land-owning families all except T.W.Edwards and William Mark Wood, whose farm lands were farthest from Cardiff, systematically gave over their land to urban housing development during the second half of the 19th century.  The leaders in the field were the Morgans of Tredegar, the Butes of Cardiff Castle and Crofts-Williams of Roath Court.


The second Marquess of Bute reserved most of his land in the southern portion of the parish (his Adamsdown estate) for investment in what he hoped would be more profitable industrial and docks development.  By far the wealthiest landowner (he was also lord of the manors of Roath Tewkesbury and Roath Dogfield) he not only had the advantage of capital resources at his disposal but had gained experience from the development of his urban estates in Cardiff and elsewhere.  After the death of the second Marquess in 1846 the administration of the Bute estate continued in the hands of trustees until the third Marquess came of age in September 1868.


Sir Charles Morgan, Bart., was succeeded in 1846 by his son, Sir Charles Morgan Robinson Morgan who was created Baron Tredegar in 1859 and died in 1875.  It was his son, Godfrey Charles, the second Baron Tredegar who was created first Viscount in 1905 and distinguished himself at Balaclava during the Crimean War. He died without issue in 1913.

The beginnings of Roath Urbanisation

Whereas Bute was the first in the field in the town of Cardiff with some squalid housing in the area of his docks, in Roath it was Tredegar, marginally the largest landowner in the parish and lord of the manor of Roath Keynsham, who set the pace. ,Indeed, some of the earliest street development in Roath was on Tredegar land adjacent to the Cardiff boundary lying to the north and to the south of the main Cardiff- Newport Road – in the City Road area and around the Upper Splott Farm. A large gridiron of streets of small terraced houses had already been built in the Splott area by 1861.

Resident Ground Landlords

The only large landowners who resided in the parish in the 1840’s were Charles Crofts Williams of Roath Court and John Mathews Richards of Plasnewydd.

The urbanisation of the Roath Court estate is unique in being spread over a period of more than 100 years.  It began in 1850 and ended recently, on what was Roath Court land, with the construction of blocks of flats in the Newport Road end of Elm Street.  The Williams family’s connection with Roath which had lasted about 130 years, was severed with the death of Miss Rose Williams of Roath Court on 22 June 1952.  The estate was bounded on the north by what is now the eastern portion of Albany Road, between Roath Court and the Claude Hotel and on the south by Newport Road between Roath Court and Wordsworth Avenue.

Ribbon Development

It was inevitable that as the density of housing within Cardiff reached saturation point on the eastern side of the town, it would spill over in the form of ribbon development along the line of the main road into the contiguous parish of Roath.  That this is precisely what happened is clearly evidenced by the 1861 Census and is illustrated by remarks in the introduction to Duncan & Ward’s Cardiff Directory of 1863:-

…………from the Infirmary [i.e.the Old Infirmary] there is a continuous line of residences and Villas on the north side of the road, as well as a large number on the south side which impart to Newport road the character of a pleasant suburban residence.

Much of this early development in Roath was on the land of Roath Court estate on the north side of Newport Road.

A Late Developer

Urbanisation of the Plasnewydd and adjacent Ty’n-y-Coed land by the Richards family of Plasnewydd on what became the Mackintosh Estate in and around Albany Road did not start until 1884.  The story of how the urban estate came into being and evolved has been told elsewhere.

Chronology of Street building

In terms of population Roath remained virtually static until 1851 as can be seen from the decennial census figures for the parish:

                                                    1801                  236

                                                    1811                  211

                                                    1821                  269

                                                    1831                  272

                                                    1841                  298

                                                    1851                  312

1841 was the first year for which the number of houses was recorded.  In Roath the number was 60. Ten years later the figure was 63 inhabited houses and 2 in the course of building.  The average number of persons per inhabited house was therefore 5 for both years.

1861 Census examined

In 1861 the number of inhabited houses had increased to 524 and the population to 3044. The average number of persons per inhabited house had increased to 5.8.  Uninhabited houses numbered 120 and 49 were then in course of building.

We need look no further than the 1861 census to see that the process of metamorphosis from a rural parish to a densely populated suburb began in the 1850’s.  We cannot say precisely when the first planned street of residential houses was built but if J. Hobson  Matthews (C.R.V.p.436) is to be believed, Wordsworth Street (now Avenue) can stake a claim to be one of the first.  He Says that this tree-lined cul-de-sac on the north side of Newport road near the first milestone was built in 1850 and it was later re-named Wordsworth Avenue. The fact that it is not shown in the 1851 census may indicate that although the road had been laid out by Crofts Williams of Roath Court, the houses had not been built.  Cardiff Council minutes show that dead trees in the street were replaced in 1880.  It is a unique example in Roath of a deliberately planned Victorian style tree-lined retreat of high class family houses.  Most of the once elegant houses in Wordworth Avenue and the secluded Woodland Place of nine houses which forms a short spur from the Avenue have seen better days but a brave and largely successful effort has been made by some owners to renovate them.

Alderman W.J.Trounce in his reminiscences and historical notes “Cardiff in the Fifties”, Cardiff 1918, states that in May 1859 houses were being erected in Partridge Road and Oakfield Street, both on the Roath Court estate.

An examination of the 1861 Census returns was made in 1984 by Mr G.H.Penfold, our former Treasurer, before he moved to London. From his working papers which he left to the Society the table overleaf has been extracted.


The land-owners adopted the practice of leasing building plots for a term of 99 years.  At the end of the term the land together with any buildings on it would revert to the ground landlord, who would be entitled to claim dilapidation expenses from the “owner” of the property.

Architects and Builders

Because the ground landlords exercised overall architectural control over the building operations on their estates, each street or group of streets is found to have elements of uniformity of status and general character in accordance with estate policy.  Each ground landlord engaged his own architect who submitted plans to the local authority for the proposed lay-out of streets and the houses as and when they were ready to be built.  Usually, a large number of master builders or contractors were involved in the house building operations on each estate.  They were allowed, if not encouraged, to indulge their idiosyncrasies in minor decorative variations of design in their blocks or terraces.  Such distinctive features can often be discerned as the hall-mark of a particular builder.

The Bute estate architect was E.W.M. Corbett while the Tredegar estate engaged Habershon & Fawckner.  These names recur with monotonous frequency in the municipal index of plans. The Mackintosh estate retained C.Rigg while Crofts Williams seems to have used for a time the services of T.Waring.

Not a great deal is known about the individual builders.

Fluctuations in supply and demand made house building a risky form of enterprise. Bankruptcies were common.

Re-building a suburb

The life of a house depends on several factors – how well it was built and maintained, its immediate environment, the expiry of a long lease, town planning policies etc.  Many of the earliest small working-class terraced houses have now been demolished – for example those in Shakespeare Street and the immediate vicinity (in what was popularly called “Poets’ Corner”). The largest clearance scheme was in Lower Splott where in the 1960’s an estate of several hundred houses were demolished, destroying a whole community which had sprung up around the East Moors steel works.

We are now well into the age of second or even third generation housing accommodation on sites left vacant by demolition of older houses.


ROATH 1861 Census – Houses

Location                                      Inhabited               Uninhabited                  Building

Roath Road                                34                                   1

Montgomery Terr.                      3                                     5

Longcross Villas                          2                                     1

Elm Place                                    4

Victoria Place                              2                                     2

Elm Street                                   50                                   19                                   15

Wordsworth St.                          7                                     3

Oxford St.                                   5                                     5

Shakespeare St.                          56                                   18

Milton St.                                    43                                   12

Clive St.                                       18                                   3                                     2

Partridge Rd.                              9                                     8

Oakfield St.                                 5                                     3                                     4

Plucca Lane                                 17                                   9

Montgomery Place                     7                                     1

John St (Green Lane)                  42                                   8                                     2

Greenway Place                          2

Connection St.                            3

Planet St.                                    20                                   10

Comet St.                                    20                                   2

Eclipse St.                                   31                                   2                                     1

System St.                                   19                                   3

Constellation St.                        27                                   5

Meteor St.                                  14

Splotlands Terrace                     4                                     1

Villas (unidentified)                                                                                                 5

Misc. unidentified

incl. cottages Roath

village, farmsteads,

large houses, barracks etc.        50

Missing folios                             30                                   4                                     15

TOTALS                                       524                                 120                                 49


On the following pages is an alphabetical list of most of the Streets within the confines of the old parish of Roath, giving the date that the first house plans were submitted either to the Roath District Board of Health as shown in their minutes (S.K.O. P/57) or to the Cardiff Corporation as shown in their records – Index of building Plans in the City Hall and minutes of the Cardiff Council Public Works Committee in south Glamorgan Central Library, Cardiff.

The minutes of the Roath District Board of Health commence in 1800 and end in 1875 when Roath was absorbed into Cardiff.  No building could take place after 1860 without approval of plans by the Roath Board and after 1875 by the Public Works Committee of the Cardiff Council.  It will be appreciated that the age of particular houses in the streets listed below may be either earlier or later than the date of approval of the first house plans for that street.  For example, several streets had already been built between 1851 and the first meeting of the Roath District Board of Health. These early streets, shown in the above list taken from the 1861 Census, obviously pre-date the submission of earliest plans. In some cases, particularly, long streets or main roads (e.g.Roath Road/ Newport Road, Albany Road) building of houses was spread over a considerable period and in other cases the original street was extended (e.g. Princes St.) so that house building took place in phases spread over a considerable time span.  Provided these considerations are taken into account, and allowing for gaps in the information particularly of exact dates of post-war suburban house building, the list should provide an adequate and useful guide to the chronology and direction of urban housing development in Roath.

Abbreviations :

H & F.= Habershon & Fawckner, architects to the Tredegar Estate.

E.W.M.C.. = E.W.M. Corbett, architect.

R.D.B.H. = Roath District Board of Health minutes

P.W.C. = Public works Committee

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Abbotsford Rd                            ?                        All 5 houses (Nos.1-9)  re-numbered & re-named

                                                                              101-109 Melrose Av. after 1958

Aberdovey St.                             4.1893

Aberystwyth St.                          24.6.1887          13 houses & 1 shop for J.Phillips. Arch: E.W.M.C.

Adamsdown Place                      ? 1892               Cardiff Workmens Cottage Co.(9 houses)

Adamsdown Rd.                         3.1876

Adamsdown Square                   1.1877

Adeline St.                                  7.1881               for C.Fox. Arch: H & F

Agate St.                                     7.4.1874

Albany Rd.                                  1884                  An enclosure road (Heath Enclosure Act 1801).                                                                                 Known as the Merthyr road until name changed                                                                                10.4. 1884. See also “Merthyr Road”.

Alexander St.                              2.1885

Alfred St.                                     12.1891

Alma Rd.                                     7.1898

Amesbury Rd.                             11.1907

Anderson Place                                       –                         Example of new “second generation” housing in

                                                                              Adamsdown in area of former cattle market and

                                                                              former Cycle & Platinum Streets & Galston Place.

Angus St.                                     9.1891

Arabella Place                                                      See Kelvin Rd.

Arabella St.                                 5.1884               No.90 was leased 99yrs.7.8.1889 by Mrs Mackintosh                                                                        to Richard Tythecott (bldr.) of 153 Treharris St.

Arnside Rd, Penylan.                  ?                        post 1958

Arran Place                                 2.1911

Arran St.                                     5.1886

Arthur St.                                    6.1880

Ascog St.                                     ?                        Adamsdown Cottages.  Cardiff Workmens Cottage                                                                              Co.  34 cottages occupied per 1880/1 directory

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Ashwood Court                                       –                         Example of modern “second generation” housing –

                                                                              block of flats off Newport Rd. end of Elm Street.

                                                                              See also “Elmwood”, “Lynwood” & “Norwood Court”

Augusta St.                                 6.66                   drainage plans 6.1857 & 1.1865

Avonmuir Rd.,Tremorfa.                                      See “Pengam”

Awel Mor, Penylan                     ?                        post 1970

Balaclava Rd.                              7.1898

Bangor St.                                   10.1891             new street (Bute) 5.1891

Barons Court Rd.                        11.2.1937          new road 16.4.1935

Beresford Rd.                             6.1887               formerly Spring Gdns. Rd.re-namd 8.12.1887

Bertram St.                                 9.1874               Extn. of Cecil & Bertram St for Mr Bradley 7.10 1873

Birchwood Grange lane                          ?

Birchwood Rd.                            ?

Blanche St.                                  2.1882

Blenheim Rd.                              10.1909

Boleyn Walk                               ?                        formerly lane rear Ty Draw Rd incorporated in                                                                                           house development of filled in railway cutting by

                                                                              Westbury Homes 1982

Booker St                                    ?

Borrowdale Close                       ?                        post 1958

Boverton St.                               9.1899

Bradley St.                                  1.1877               formerly Maud St. q.v.

“Mr Bradley’s .Estate”                7.4.1869            2 houses.  6.7.1875: Street plan of land of M. of

                                                                              Bute and Wm. Bradley & others between Green                                                                    Lane, John St., G.W.R. & Spring Gdns.

Braeval St.                                  5.1895

Brandreth Rd                              ?                        post 1958

Bridgend St.                                6.1892

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Brighton Terrace                        ~ 12.1894

Broadway                                   7.5.1867            formerly Green Lane

Bronwydd Av.                             10.9.1936          16.5.1929 new street. (Mountjoy Ltd)

                                                                              House plans up to 1956.

Bronwydd Rd.,Tremorfa                                      See “Pengam”

Bruce St.                                     5.1893

Burnaby St                                  ?                        ? c.1881

Byron St.                                     ?                        formerly Clive St. q.v.

Caerphilly St.                              ?

Cairnmuir Rd.,Tremorfa                                       See “Pengam”

Cameron St.                                ?

Carisbrooke Way                        ?                        ? 1950’s .

Carlisle St.                                   1.1881

Castle Rd.                                   4.1869               drainage plan 4.1865 called Plwcca Lane up to 1874,

                                                                              re-named City Rd. 12.12.1905

Cecil St                                                     6.1.1874            7.10.1873 Extension of & Bertram St. for Mr Bradley

Cefn Coed Cresc.                        26.1.1935          Changed from Corsham Rd.

Cefn Coed Gdns.                        ?

Cefn Coed Rd.                            4.1923               Altern. to property: 9.1911. Road is much older.

Charles St.                                  4.10.1870          later part of Plasnewydd Rd. – re-named 1891

Church Terrace                                        1.1888               drainage

(Roath village)                            10.1895             drainage to 2 houses

                                                    18.12.1930        Extn. of road + 6 houses (H.B. Tucker). At least 2                                                                   houses bear date “1881

Clarendon Rd.                            ?                        ? 1950’s

Claude Place                               ?                        prob. contemp. with Claude Rd. (Claude Hotel on                                                                            corner is dated 1890)

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Claude Rd.                                  4.1887

Clifton St.                                    4.12.1866          formerly Connection St. q.v. name changed                                                                                          5.5.1868.

Clive Place                                  1870

Clive St.                                       1.9.1863            for Mr Pearson. re-named Byron St.1891. pre-1861                                                                            street

Clun Terrace                               22.6.1898

Clyde St.                                      1.1897

Clydesmir Rd,                             18.11.1926        28 houses, Cardiff Corpn.

Coed Ederyn                               ?                        post 1958

Colchester Av.                            25.7.1912          New road (Tredegar)  14.12.1911

Colchester Av

Industrial Estate                         5.1955

Colchester Court                        ?                        post 1958

Melrose Av

Comet St.                                    1.8. 1865           pre-1861 street

Connaught Rd.                                        5.1897               Report of bankruptcy: (W.M.10.8.1899) of L.E. Ivins

                                                                              & Thos Andrews – all properties except 6 in                                                                                        Connaught Rd had been             finished.

Connection St.                            4.12.1866          re-named Clifton St. 5.5.1868. 3 inhab. houses in                                                                           1861

Constellation St.                        3.5.1864            addition to house of Mr Fry.

                                                                              pre-1861 street


Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Convent Road                                                      see also “Ty Gwyn Rd.”

                                                    9.1896               lodge

                                                    9.1897               farm buildings.

                                                    6.1906               Chapel – convent addition – Rev Father Towne.                                                                                            The former Convent of the Good Shepherd was                                                                                   erected 1872 at expense of the Marquess of Bute.

Cooper St.                                   4.8.1868            1 villa.  probably mis-spelling of Cowper St.q.v.

Copper St                                    2.3.1869

Corise St                                     –                         Street plan 1890. See “Dowlais Cottages” now                                                                                    demolished.

Cornelia St.                                 7.1891               See “Dowlais Cottages”

Corsham Rd.                               –                         re-named Cefn Coed Crescent 26.1.1935

Cotttrell Rd.                                2.1886               2 houses – W.R.Long

Courtenay Rd.                            ?

Covenny St.                                1.1886

Cowper St.                                  3.12.1872          formerly Wordworth Place, off Wordsworth Av.

Craigmuir Rd.,Tremorfa                                                    See “Pengam”

“Crescent, The”                          1.7.1873            Unidentified.? Spring Gdns.

                                                                              Cresc. or Cyril Cresc.

Cressy Rd.                                   10.4.1901          drainage plan 7.3.1500

Crofts St.                                     3.9. 1867           also street plan Crofts St. from Shakespeare St. to

                                                                              Partridge Rd. for C.H. Williams Esq.

       School                                  9. 1878                           T.W.Pullar

       Schools                                5.1894               Rev J.F.Beck “

“Crewys, The”                             4.4.1871

Crwys Place                                 ?

Crwys Rd.                                    1.1868

Cumnock Place                           ?                        ? 1892

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Cumnock Terrace                       10.1892             23 cottages & shop. plan for new street 4.1892;                                                                                            Cardiff Workmens Cottage Co

                                                                              Adamsdown Cottages.

                                                                              10 houses occupied per 1880/1 directory

Cumrae St.                                  –                         Part of Adamsdown Cottages.

                                                                              25 houses occupied per 1880/1 directory.

                                                                              Cardiff Workmens Cottage Co.

                                                                              1.1886 plan for w.c. & drain for G.W.R.

Cycle St.                                      3.2.1874            27 houses

Cyfarthfa St.                               2.1886               Arch: C.Rigg

Cyncoed Av.                                –                         31.3.1930 – garage for Miss G. Thomas

Cyncoed Rd.                               8.7.1910            C & G Geen

                                                                              plans 4 houses 1911, 3 houses 1913

                                       Roath Park Garden Suburb – new streets & sewer 7.9.1921

                                       Parish Hall & Schoolroom – Rev. I Jackson 3.11.1920

                                       Mission Church & Parish Hall – Rev. I Jackson 4.10 1922

                                       Early houses in Cyncoed Rd were 26-28, 38-40 (1913)

Cyril Crescent                             4.11.1873          addl. storey for house

                                                    5.5.1874            3 houses

Dalcross St                                  5.1893

Dalmuir Rd.,Tremorfa                                          See “Pengam”

Dalton St,                                    12.8.1886          4 houses for J. Brown.  Arch:E.W.M.C.

Daniel St.                                    2.1871

                                                    1.6.1875            12 houses

Daviot St.                                    9.1895

Deemuir Rd., Tremorfa                                                     See “Pengam”

Deepdale Close                                       ?                        post 1958

Deri Rd.                                       22.1.1907          1 house

                                                    27.5.1908          10 houses

                                                    24.6.1909          new lanes- Penllyn Castle : Estates

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Dessmuir Rd. ,Tremorfa                                       See “Pengam”

Diamond St.                                7.4.1874            99 yr. leases on 58,60,62 & 64 from 25.3.1870

Diana St.                                     10.1891

Dogfield St.                                 27.10.1897

Dominion Way                                        ?                        post 1980

Donald St.                                   2.1884

Dorchester AV.                                        18.1.1923          14 houses.

                                                                              14.12.1911 – new road (Tredegar )

                                                                              21.1.1932 – new street off

Dovedale Close                                       ?                        post 1958

Dowlais Cottages                                                 Plan of streets of Dowlais Co.’s Cottage Property,

             Cornelia St                     1891                  Cardiff of 18.3.1892 held at G.R.O.

             Elaine St                         1890                  (Tracing No.736. 44′ to 1″)

             Corise St                        1890                  All streets now demolished

             Enid St                           1890

             Layard St.                       1890

             Menelaus St.                 1890

Dryden St.                                   4.10.1870

Dunsmuir Rd.,Tremorfa                                                    See “Pengam*

Dynevor Rd.                                ?                        post 1958

Earl’s Court Rd.                                       17.11.1932        1st 8 houses, new street 21.1.1932 (Tredegar )

                                                                              named 21.1.1932 (after London underground                                                                                  station, as is Baron’s Court Rd. Raven’s Court Close                                                                              & Turnham Green)

Earl’s Court Place                       ?                        New street. (Tredegar) 16.4.1935,

                                                                              Cardiff C.C.Elect. sub-station 16.5.1935.

                                                                              P.W. Committee 21.9, 1938

Fast Tyndall St,                                        ?

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Eclipse St.                                   4.4.1865            a pre-1861 street

Egremont Rd.                             ?                        post 1958

Elaine St                                      ?                        See “Dowlais Cottages”

Elderwood Close                        ?                        post 1958

Elm Place                                    –                         See Roath Road

Elm Street                                   2.4.1861            a pre 1861 street

Elmwood Court                                       –                        See “Ashwood Court”

Emerald St.                                 5.5.1874

Enid St.                                                    7.1890               63 houses. Now demolished.

                                                                              See “Dowlais Cottages”

Ennerdale Close                         ?                        post 1958

Essich St.                                     8.1893

Eyre St                                         28.1.1886          4 houses for J. Parry. Arch: H & F.

Fairoak Rd.                                 10.1896             plan of road 2.1867. ballasted 1890

Fanny St.                                     ?

Farmville Rd.                              ?                        c.1900

Fishguard St.                               25.8.1887          name changed to Wimborne St. 28.5.1896

Florence St.                                 1.1881               shops

                                                    10. 1896            house

Florentia St.                                4.1886               9 houses. 1 shop for J.Hartnell.Arch: J.P.Jones

Fort St.                                                     8.1877

Four Elms Rd.                             –                         drainage 5.1899. (No houses per C.C. records)

Fox St.                                         9.1899

Francis St.                                   1.6.1875

Freshmoor Rd.                            –                         (No houses per C.C. records)

Gallamuir Rd.                             ?

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Galston Place                             1.1887               11 cottages & stable

Galston St.                                  10.1876             Plan for proposed street off Galston St. for L.                                                                                        Purnell. Arch: E.W.M.C. approved 28.10.1886

Garesfield St.                              ?

Garnet St.                                   ?

Glanmuir Rd. ,Tremorfa                                                    “See Pengam”

Glenroy St.                                  11.3.1886          8 houses for D.P.Edwards. Arch: C.Rigg.

Glossop Rd.                                ?                        1.1876 – plan of new street (Bute)

Glossop Terrace                         –                         no houses.

Gold St.                                       3.2.1874

Gower St                                     ?

Grafton Close                             ?                        ? 1950’s

Green Hill St                               –                         no houses ? c.1920

(Lower Splott)

Green Lane                                 7.5.1867            an ancient roadway.

Re-named Broadway

Greenlawns                                21 .8.1953         for A.J.Parfitt. last house: 10. 1954

Greenway Place                          ?                        a pre-1861 street

Grenville Rd.                               1.1916               plan for wash-house

Grisedale Close                                       ?                        post 1958

Grouse St.                                   5.10.1869

Gwendoline Place                      ?                        formerly Howard Place

Gwendoline St.                                        10.1876             Adamsdown Cottages .

                                                                              Cardiff Workmens Cottage Co.

                                                                              28 houses occupied per 1880/1 directory

Gwennyth St.                              1.1887

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Habershon St                             11.1883             Bldr: Chas. Fox. Named after Tredegar Estate                                                                                 architect. Arch: H & F.

Hampton Court Rd.                   ?

Harold St.                                   10.1875

Harriet St.                                   5.1879               1at house 1883

Harrissmith Rd.                          10.1904

Hazeldine Av.                             ?

Helen St.                                     7.8. 1866           Nos.1-12 in 1871 Census. Plan for further 74 houses

                                                                              in 1885 (per Health & Port San. minutes of 3.6.1885)

Hendy St.                                    3.1901

Hinton St.                                   12.1891

Hope Terrace                              ?                        2 houses between Gwendoline & Railway St.

Howard St.                                  ?                        Adamsdown Cottages

                                                                              Cardiff Workmens Cottage Co

                                                                              24 houses occupied per 1880/1 directory

Ilton Rd.                                      3.1908

Inchmarnock St.                         ?                        Adamsdown Cottages

                                                                              Cardiff Workmens Cottage Co

                                                                              31 houses occupied per 1880/1 directory

Inverness Place                                        2.1884 Arch:     C.Rigg

Ipswich Rd.                                 ?                        post 1958

Iron St.                                                     4.8.1871

“Island Farm”                             –                         2.12.1873 new streets for Rev.J.H.& T.E.Stacey

James St.                                     2.7.1872            14 houses for James Hemingway. re-named                                                                               Talworth St. 2.12.1867 plan for new street for                                                                                Charles Pearson .

Janet St.                                      5.1881               Bldr: C.Fox. Arch: H & F.

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

John St.                                       –                         re-named Nora St.  pre-1861 street

 (Green Lane/ Broadway )

John St.                                       –                         re-named Vere St (q.v) 7.5.1867

(Plwcca Lane/ Castle Rd).

Kames Place                                –                         no houses (only gospel hall)

                                                                              Plan for office for H. Adams 3. 1884 .

Kelvin Rd.                                    ?                        formerly Arabella Place

Kenmuir Rd., Tremorfa                                                     See “Pengam”

Kenyon Rd.,Tremorfa                                            See “Pengam”

Keppoch St.                                11.1886             4 houses.  New Prebyterian Church 8.1900

                                                                              schoolroom 6.1886. Nos.40-50 & 88-98 (12 houses)                                                                              – 99 yr. leases from 19.9.1889 – sold 1892 for £136                                                                         each.

Kerrycroy St.                               ?                        Adamsdown Cottages

                                                                              Cardiff Workmens Cottage. Co

                                                                              34 houses occupied per 1880/1 directory

Kilcatten St.                                ?                        Adamsdown Cottages

                                                                              Cardiff Workmens Cottage Co

                                                                              34 houses occupied per 1880/1 directory ,

Kimberley Rd.                             10.1904

Kincraig St.                                  4.1886

Kincraig St. Upper                      4.1889

King Wood Close                        ?                        post 1958

Kingarth St                                  ?                        Adamsdown Cottages

                                                                              Cardiff Workmens Cottage Co

                                                                              22 houses occupied per 1880/1 directory

Lady Margaret Terrace               1.1882               21 houses

Lady Mary Rd.                            15.10.1925        New street & sewer for Mounjoy Ltd. 19.3.1925

Lady Mary R.C.School                19.11.1953 & 16.9.1954

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Lady Mary Secondary School     17 8.1955 .

Ladysmith Rd,                             8.1905

Lascelles Rd.                               ?                        re-named South Park Rd.

Langdale Close                                        ?                        post 1958

Layard St.                                    ?                        Dowlais Iron Co. cottages

Lead St.                                       2.1.1872

Lewis Rd.                                     ?

Lily St.                                         1.10.1872

Linden Avenue                                        ?

Little Tredegar Rd.                     6.1.1874

Llanedeyrn Close                        ?

Llanedeyrn Rd.                                        ?                        An ancient Rd. Housing – post 2nd War

Llanelly St.                                  8.1887               Dowlais Iron Co.  Arch: E.W.M.C

Llwyn-y-grant Isaf                       22.9.1904          cottage – C.H.Williams

                                                    23.10.1913        motor house – Williams & Hoare

                                                    21.5.1914          4 houses – do. –

                                                    21.6.1917          4 houses – do. –

                                                    15.1.1920          terrace-17 houses – do –

                                                    15.7.1920          7 houses – W.Sainsbury & Co.

                                                    16.9. 1920         babies’ home – C of E Waif & Strays Soc.

Llwyn-y-grant Place                    19.2.1925          7 houses

                                                    9.1925               1 house

                                                    9.1926               5 houses-Williams & Hoare :

Llwyn-y-grant Rd.                       20.12.1923        Layout of street & sewers for . C.L.Williams                                                                                            5.5.1924. Principal builders: Williams & Hoare.

Llwyn-y-grant Terrace                15.1.1920          17 houses (Nos. 3-21 & 2-16) – Williams & Hoare

Lochaber St                                 4.1893

Longcross Place                          9.1876               Name changed to Orbit St. 1.3.1897

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Longcross St.                               ?

Longcross Villas                                                    See Roath Road

Lonsdale Rad.                             ?                        post 2nd War

Lothian Cresc.                             ?                        post 1958

Lucas St.                                      3.1876               first 2 houses

                                                    2.1875               plan for cooperage

Lynwood Court                                        –                         See “Ashwood Court”

Mackintosh Place                       3.1884               further house plans extending to 1896. Arch: C.Rigg

Madoc St.,Tremorfa                                             See “Pengam”

Mafeking Rd.                              2.1905

Malefant St.                                27.10.1897

Marion St.                                   6.1881

Marlborough Rd.                        7.1898               Laundry 5.1897

Maud St.                                     1.1877               re-named Bradley St

Meirion Place, Tremorfa                                      See “Pengam”

Melrose Av.                                21.5.1931          New road 19.2.1931. road named 19.3.1931

Menelaus St;                               7.1880                           65 houses – Dowlais Iron Co.

Mercia Rd.,Tremorfa                                            See “Pengam”

Meredith Rd.,Tremorfa                                                     see “Pengam”

Merthyr Road                             14.2.1884          9 houses for Purnell & Fry. Arch: C.Rigg.

                                                                              Re-named Albany Rd. 10.4. 1884

Mervyn Rd.,Tremorfa                                           see “Pengam”

Metal St.                                     5.1.1869

Meteor St.                                  2.5.1865            A pre-1861 street

Milford St.                                  ?

Millman St.                                 –                         no houses

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Milton St                                     4.4.1865            9 houses.  A pre-1861 street.

                                                                              Altern. to premises of James Ward – plan 5.4.1864

Minster Road                             ?                        Street layout. Tredegar 8.1923

Miterdale Close                          ?                        post 1958

Mona Place,Tremorfa                                          see “Pengam”

Montgomery Place                     ?                        Pre-1861

Montgomery St                          ?                        c.1893

Montgomery Terrace                 3.6.1873            Addition – W.J.Trounce

(Roath Rd/Newport Rd)

Monthermer Rd.                        22 .9.1897

Moon St.                                     6.4.1869

Moorland Place                          ?

Moorland Rd.                             1.1900

Moors Road                                5.8.1873

Morlais St.                                  1.1901

Moy Road                                   8.1884

Miterdale Close                          ?                        post 1958

Muirton Rd. ,Treemorfa                                      see “Pengam”

Neath St                                      7.1893

Newminster Rd.                         ?                        Street layout 1923 – Tredegar

Newport Rd.                               –                        also known as Roath Road. An ancient highway. First                                                                    villas 1850’s.

Ninian Rd.                                   1859                  Street names approved for Lord Bute 26.4.1899

Nora St.                                       –                         formerly John St. off Green Lane/Broadway

Norman St                                  9.10.1884          Arch: C.Rigg

North Luton Place                      2.1877

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

North Park Rd.                            –                         No houses

Northcote St.                              1.1874

Norwich Rd.                                ?

Norwood Court                                       –                         See “Ashwood Court”

Oakfield St.                                 ?                        A pre-1861 street. 3 houses 10.7.1884 for Chas.

                                                                              Shepherd. Arch: T.Waring.

Oak Wood Av.                            ?                        post 1958

Orbit St.                                      9.1876               name altered from Longcross Place 1.3.1897. 99 yr.                                                                               leases granted on Nos.3,5 & 7 from 2.6.1870

Ormonde Close                                       ?                        post 2nd war

Ordell St.                                     5.1881               Arch: H & F

Oxford St.                                   5.6.1856           A pre-1861 street

Paddock, The                              ?                        post 1958

Pant yr Wyn Cresc.                     –                         Lower portion of Pen-y-lan Rd. (Between Wellfield &

                                                                              Albany Rd.) was thus named in 1902 by P.W.C but

                                                                              minute was rescinded.

Partridge Rd.                              3.4.1866            A pre-1861 street

Patterdale Close                         ?                        post 1958

Pearl Crescent                            ?

Pearl Place                                  ?

Pearl St.                                      7.4.1874

Pearson St.                                 8.1889               Date on houses = 1890

Pengam                                       16.9.1926          108 houses -Cardiff Corporation

                                                    21.10.1926        New streets

                                                    8.6.1939            68 houses (building halted for duration of war –                                                                                   resumed 1945 & continues to date)

Pengam Rd.                                –                        see “Pengam”

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)


New roads                                  10.1889             Lord Bute

“Wellclose”                                 6.1885               for A.E.Elliott

Cottage, “Oldwell”                     1.1887

Pen-y-lan Court                          1.1889               House,cottage & stable

“Greenlawns”                             10.1889

Residence                                   6.1894               J Strachan

Pen-y-lan Place                                        26.11.1903        5 houses for G.Paltridge

Pen-y-lan Road                                        4.4.1865            2 houses. Henry Oram

                                                    3.2.1869            3 houses, D. Prosser & 12 houses. Leonard Purnell.

                                                                              An ancient thoroughfare.

Pen-y-lan Terrace                       24.7.1913          3 houses (Nos.2-6)

Pen-y-wain Place                        7.1893

Pen-y-wain Rd.                                        10.1897

Piercefield Place                         ?                        See “Island Farm”

Pine Wood Crescent                  ?                        post 1958

Planet St                                     3.3.1868            A pre-1861 street


                                                    5.1885               new streets – Arch: C.Rigg

                                                    11.1885             amended plan new streets

                                                    2.1887               8 streets – Mackintosh of Mackintosh

                                                    9.1888               9 houses – T.Harris

                                                    25.6.1897          alterns to “Roath Cottage” (public house)

                                                    15.5.1924          alterns “Roath Cottage” S.A.Brain & Co.

Plasnewydd Place                       3.1890               2 houses

Plasnewydd Rd.                          –                         old portion was formerly Charles St. q.v.

                                                                              new portion – see “Plasnewydd”

Plasnewydd Square                    11.1888             stable & loft – T.Harris

                                                    8.1889               5 houses

                                                    21.3.1900          Eng. Prebyt. Church – E.Reese

Platinum St.                                4.11.1873

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Plwcca Lane                   see Castle Road             re-named Castle Rd. in 1874 & City Rd. in 1905

                                                                              (See Project Newsletter Vol.4 No.1 p.13).                                                                                                    A pre 1861 street.

Polar St                                       5.4.1870            9 houses per R.D.B.H.

(Unidentified street)                  7.6.1870            3 houses       – do. –

Pomeroy Terrace                        –                         Nos.2 -14 Stacey Rd.

Pontypridd St.                            1.1888

Portmanmoor Rd.                      5.1887               Portmanmmor Rd plan of Dowlais Iron Co. held at                                                                               G.R.O.  Bundle D/DG Section H Box 8.

                                                                              Cardiff Corporation’s first Council houses – 1914,

Priest Rd.                                    ?                        only alterations etc in C.C. Index to Plans

Prince Leopold St                       12.1876

Princes Avenue                                        12.11.1931        4 houses.  street named 17.12.1931

Princes St. (old portion)                          7.1897

Queen Wood Close                    ?                        post 1958

Queensberry Rd.                        ?                        post 2nd War

Railway Crescent                        ?

Railway St.                                  5.1881               Arch: H. & F.

Ravens Court Close                    ?                        post 2nd war (See notes on Earl’s Court Rd)

Retreat, The                               6.1934               E.Turner & Son. new road 29.3.1934

Rhymney River, Bridge Rd         ?                        post 1980 industrial. estate road

Richards St.                                 8.1879

Richards Terrace                        ?

Roath Road                                –                         An ancient highway. First villas built 1850-1860.

                                                                              1851 Census: 34 Inhab. houses.

             Montgomery Terr.         –                         1861: 3 Inhab. 5 Uninhab.

             Longcross Villas             –                         1861: 2 Inhab.1 Uninhab.

             Elm Place                       –                         1861: 4 Inhab.

             Victoria Place                 –                         1861: 2 Inhab. 2 Uninhab.

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Roath Court Place                      7.1910

Roath Court Rd.                         7.1910

Roath Moor Rd.                         ?

Robert St.                                   12.1883             8 houses

                                                    8.1871               Drainage plan.

                                                                              Further 28 houses 14.1.1686 –

                                                                              Cathays Workmens Cottage Co.

Robinson Square (Lower Splott) ?                                   ? 1920 – Cardiff Corporation. Now demolished

Rose St.                                       6.4.1869

Round Wood Close                    ?                        post 1958

Rover Way                                  –                         post 2nd War. No houses.

Ruby St.                                      1.12.1874

Ruthven St.                                 –                         Extension 26.5.1887 for Plasnewydd Estate.

                                                                              Arch: C.Rigg. Re-named Strathnairn St.

St James St.                                 20.7.1875          Entrance lodge St James. for James Hemingway

                                                                              Plan for new streets St James for James Hemingway                                                                        6.2.1872

St Margaret’s Crescent               9.1891               Chapel, St :  Margaret’s House

                                                    4.1894               Children’s Home

Sandringham Rd.                        4.1899               2 houses

                                                    7.1911               4 houses

Sanguahar St                              10.1892             23 cottages 6 2 shops.

                                                                              Name is a mis-spelling of “Sanquhar”

Sapphire St.                                7.4.1874            Deed re. Myddfai House, Sapphire St. 4.5.1891 held                                                                     at G.R.0. (D/DG ?) .

School St (Unidentified)                         7.5.1872            Plan for cab-shed approved by Roath Dist. Board

Seymour St.                                14.1.1886          7 houses. for E.Jenkins. Arch: H & F.

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Shakespeare St.                          3.12.1861          A pre-1861 street.1861 Census: 56 Inhab.  

                                                                              18 Uninhab. houses. 99 yr. leases granted 2.7.1856

                                                                              on nos.7,8,52 & 53. (Lessor: Joseph Thomas).

                                                                              Nos. 7 & 8 sold 1892 for £115 each

                                                                              Nos.52 & 53 sold 1896 for £128 each.

                                                                              Street demolished 1972

Shirley Rd.                                  6.1905

Silver St.                                      3.3.1874

Singleton Rd.                              12.1894

Skaithmuir Rd.                                                      see “Pengam”

Skelmuir Rd. ,Tremorfa                                                     see Pengam

Smith St.                                     ?                        ? c.1920. Cdf. Corpn. now demolished

Snipe St                                       4.7.1871

south Luton Place                      ?                        drainage 1 house 1.1889

South Park Rd.                            –                         Formerly Lascelles Rd.q.v.

Southcourt Rd.                                        c.1932               see “Earl’s Court Rd.”

Southey St                                  4.9.1866

Southminster Rd.                       c.1923               see “Minster Rd.*

Spencer St.                                  –                         formerly Lascelles Rd.

Splotland Terrace                       4.8. 1868           A Blind Asylum for Messrs Shand & Trustees.

                                                                              Later re-named Glossop Terr. A pre-13861 street

                                                                              1861 Census: houses: 4 Inhab. 1 Unihab.

Splott Road                                5.1886              12 shops

                                                    9.1866               15 houses for J.Comley. Arch:H & F

                                                    3.1881               schools

Spring Gdns.Place                      7.1888

Spring Gdns Rd.                          6.1887               re-named Beresford Rd. 8.12.1887

Spring Gdns. Terrace                  ?

Spring Gdns. Cresc.                    6.1861

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Stacey Road                                6.4.1875            see “Island Farm”

Stallcourt Av.                              1.1913

Star St.                                                     6.4.1869

Stenhousemiuir Place                post 1980          See “Pengam”

Storrar Rd.                                                            see “Pengam”

Strathnairn St.                            12.1887             formerly Ruthven St.

Sturminster Rd.                          5.1924

Sun Street                                   ?                        plan for stable 2.3.1875

Swansea St.                                5.1891               6 houses

                                                    7.1891               36 houses

Swinton St.                                 ?                        c.1881

System St.                                   4.12.1866          a pre-1861 street

Talworth House                                      2.7.1867           Additions for Mr Pearson

                                                    4.11.1873          Additions for James Hemingway

                                                                              (See Project Newsletter Vol.4 No.1.pp 13 et seq.)

Talworth St.                                –                         3.12.1867 plan for new street (James St.)

                                                                              new portion built 1890

                                                                              name changes from James St.in 1891

Taymuir Rd. ,Tremorfa                                         see “Pengam”

Teal St                                         1.2.1870

Tenby St.                                     8.5. 1887           13 houses for C.Fox, Arch: E.W.M.C.

Tewkesbury Place                       27.10.1887

Tewkesbury St.                             27.10.1897

Theodora St.                               7.1896

Timbers Square                          11.1955

Tin St.                                          3.10.1871

Topaz St.                                     3.11.1874

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Trafalgar Rd.                               10.1911

Treharris St.                                2.1886               Arch: C.Trigg

Tremorfa                                                               See also “Pengam”.

                                                                              Many houses built under Govt. sponsored master                                                                  apprentice scheme, started in 1945 run by Cardiff                                                                   Corporation involving Huxley Turner, the builder                                                                               and others.

Trevethan Place                         ?                        Per 0.S.map 1880 a cul-de-sac of 5 houses off                                                                                      Wordsworth St. later re-named Woodland Place

Tulloch St.                                   ?

Turnham Green                          ?                        See “Earl’s Court Rd.”

Tweedsmuir Rd.,Tremorfa                                   See “Pengam”

Tydfil Place                                 3.1905

Ty Draw Place                             12.1903

Ty Draw Rd.                                27.1.1904          3 houses – Bute

                                                                              New street & sewers plan 14.5.1903

Ty Gwyn Avenue                        3.1910               “White Lodge”

Ty Gwyn Crescent                      ?

Ty Gwyn Road                            6.1890               “Glenside”. see also “Convent Rd.”

Tyler St                                                     7.1877

Tyn-y-coed Place                        9.1895               8.1884 street named 7.1892 plan for 14 new


University Place                          1.1905

Upper Clifton St.                        –                         see “Clifton St.” & “Connection St.”

Vale Road                                   ?                        3 houses only

Vere St.                                       7.5.1867            formerly John St (re-named 7.5.1867)

Victoria Place                              –                         A terrace in Roath Rd. in 1860’s

Violet Row                                  8.1884

Name                             Date first house plans                                         Notes

                                               (if known)

Walker Rd.                                  ?                        ? c.1881

Waterloo Gdns.                          10.3.1910          3 houses

                                                    18.8.1919          6 houses

Wasdale Close                            ?                        post 1958

Waterloo Rd.                              11.12.1907        6 houses.Nos.1-11

                                                    24.6.1909          1 house – W.T. Harding

                                                                              13.10.1897 drainage plan 14.121911 – plan for new                                                                              road

Well Wood Close                       ?                        post 1958

Wellfield Place                           5.1894               7 houses & 1 house Albany Rd.

Wellfield Rd.                               4.1891

Werfa St.                                     4.1901

West Luton Place                       10.1896

Westville Rd.                              11.1907

Westville Walk                                        –                         1 house only

Whitaker Rd.,Tremorfa                                                     see “Pengam”

Whitmuir Rd., Tremorfa                                      see “Pengam”

Willows Av. ,Tremorfa                                         see “Pengam”

Wilson St.                                   2.1895

Winborne St.                              2.1895               Name changed from Fishguard St. 28.5.1896

Winchester Av.                         26.9.1912          J. Conley.  14.12.1811 – new road Visct. Tredegar

Woodcock St.                             4.5.1869            6 houses

Woodland Place                         –                         formerly Trevethan Place q.v. .

Woodville Rd.East                      11.1884             Arch: C.Rigg

Wordsworth Av.                         5.12.1865         name changed from Wordsworth St. 3.11.1894

                                                                              A pre-1861 street. 1861 Census: Houses.7 Inhab.

                                                                              3 Uninhab.

Zinc St.                                                     2.11.1869