Cardiff Blitz Memorial

Cardiff Blitz Memorial Cathays Cemetery

Cardiff Blitz Memorial Cathays Cemetery

This memorial is in the new area of Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff, off Allensbank Road.  It is on the track bordering Section EJ of the cemetery.   For more information aobut the cemetery, including plot maps, visit Friends of Cathays Cemetery.

Cardiff Blitz Memorial Names


The text and names on the memorial are: 

This memorial commemorates those who lost their lives during the Cardiff blitz in 1941 and who are buried here.  Unveiled by the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff Councillor D. Ricky Ormonde on 6th May 1995.

Grave 2365: George Vaughan, Lucy Vaughan, Phyllis Stevens, Dora Roberts, Two unidentified children

Grave 2372: Five unidentified persons

Grave 2373: Four unidentified persons

Grave 2374: Five unidentified persons

Grave 2375: Henrietta Grunwald, Three unidentified persons, Olav Hopland

Grave 2376: William Thomas, Alfred Scantlebury, Three unidentified persons

Grave 2379:  Florence Munkton, Walter Munkton, Frederick Munkton, Edward Vaughan

Grave 2380: Iris Williams, Phillip Williams, Doris Williams, Christina Williams, Albert Williams

Grave 2381: Two unidentified persons, Joseph Crake, Agnes Crake, William Arthur

Grave 2382: Warren, Hans Khristiansen, Flora O’Brien, Maureen O’Brien, Terence O’Brien, Terence O’Brien, Benjamin Hughes

Grave 2383: Four unidentified persons

Grave 2389: James Smith, Mathilda Smith, Alfred Collier


Information on those buried here:

William Arthur died at 7 Cathays Terrace in the Cardiff Blitz on 3rd March 1941.  Casualty.  He was 64 years old.  He is buried in an unmarked grave in Cathays Cemetery, Plot EJ 2381, close to the Cardiff Blitz Memorial which contains his name.  According to his death certificate his occupation was a boilerman.  No other background information has been found on William Arthur as yet.  Commonwealth War Graves Commission record.