Uncovering the history of Wellfield Road

Wellfield Road, Cardiff history

I must admit that Wellfield Road holds a special draw for me.  It’s where as a child I was taken to get my hair cut in Sam’s, where I was occasionally treated to a Thayer’s ice-cream, where I was taken into the china ornament shop under strict instructions to keep my hands by my side and not knock anything over or else I would have to pay for it, where Mr Clarke, the greengrocer, used to give me stamps to put in my stamp collection, and where I was allowed to spend my pocket money in Billy’s or Baker’s.  Ten years later as a teenager I would be spending hours in Ferrari’s bakery making a coffee and choux bun last for hours discussing world affairs or enjoying a late night chicken tikka masala in the Himalaya after an Allbright or two.

Some of Wellfield Road’s past has literally been uncovered this month.  Waterloo Tea are busy preparing their latest outlet at No.41.  It was most recently Ushi’s gift shop.  When the painter took away some of the old shop front and stripped away the paint what should be uncovered but the name H A Tilley, the name of the old shoe shop.  The signs are Waterloo Tea is going to preserve the old H A Tilley name.

Waterloo Tea, Wellfield Road, Cardiff

June 2019 – uncovering the past. Shop being prepared for Waterloo Tea.


Tilley Shoe Shop, Wellfield Road, Cardiff

I’ve done a bit of research and found Herbert Arthur Tilley was born on June 29th 1911 in Newport, son of John Tilley, a gardener, and Alice Hannah Tilley (née Underwood).  In 1939 we find Herbert living on Sherbourne Avenue, Cyncoed together with his elder married sister Alice Doreen Lewis (b.1906).  Herbert describes himself as a boot and shoe retailer whilst Alice is a manageress of a shoe shop.  I’m guessing therefore that they may well have run the Wellfield Road shop together.  Alice passes away in 1984 in Cyncoed and Herbert died on May 28th 1993 in Bournemouth.  I can’t find any record of Herbert ever having married.


By all accounts Mr Tilley was a very nice man and a capable tennis player playing in a club in Rhiwbina.  He lived for some time on Llanederyn Road in one of those houses that had its own tennis court.

According to the Cardiff Trade Directories, the occupants prior to H A Tilley was a confectioners Brelaz & Williams.  Information on these occupants was somewhat harder to tease out.  Luckily in the past year, being part of our Society’s Research group, I have picked up some very useful tips.  And so with Pat’s help we have found the following:

41 Wellfield Road, Cardiff - History

Maud Brelaz, nee Williams, was born in Cardiff and marries Charles Louis Brelaz in Dundee in 1923.  In 1925  we find she is advertising herself in the Dundee Courier as Madame Brelaz, Revue Actress and Welsh Singer, open to take on pupils for dancing and singing lessons.  By 1928 they have moved to Wellfield Road and opened a confectionery shop. In January that year the Western Daily Press reports they purchase two Princip steam ovens, manufactured just around the corner in Albany Road. In 1930 however Charles dies in Lusanne, Switzerland.  In 1933 Maud sets up a new company, Penylan Confectioners, with her brother Arthur and family.  We may even have found Maud staring in the 1916 silent film Grim Justice, but haven’t been able to prove that was the same Maud Williams as yet.

So how do we know all this.  Well for shopping streets in particular the very useful resource is Trade Directories.  Some of these are now appearing on-line but the easiest way to access them locally is in Cathays Library.  They tend to cover the period up to 1972.  There is another useful resource in recent years called the Goad maps.  They name every shop on a road in a given year.  The earliest I have found for Wellfield Road is 2006, again in Cathays library.

Wellfield Rad, Cardiff plan 2006

Wellfield ROad, Roath, Cardiff 1972

Wellfield Road 1972 Trade Directory


We do however have a 30 year gap between the mid-1970s and 2006 where information is harder to find.  This is where we would like your help.  Can you help us list the shops that were there in that period?  Any help much appreciated!  Many thanks.

Our Research group is looking to spend some time concentrating on Wellfield Road history.  It seems to make sense given that our Society meetings are held at St Andrew’s URC church hall.   I have started a web page on the History of Wellfield Road.  Hopefully, with your help, that will grow and begin to capture some more of the history of this fascinating street.

7 thoughts on “Uncovering the history of Wellfield Road

  1. One of my teenage memories of Wellfield Road was being sent down on my bike from home to pay the coal bill in the Roath Coal Company’s office a few doors down from Thayer’s. I think they had probably gone by the mid sixties. You ordered your coal there too. Further along on the same side but nearer Ninian Road was the double shop unit of Gordon Cirel, upmarket men’s outfitters, and possibly tailor. Mr. Cirel like my family lived n Barons court Road, afew houses from the top. In the next road over, Earls Court, lived David Mathias who worked for years as a teller in Barclays, possibly the only business still occupying the same Wellfield Road premises as at the end of the war. That was life then, a short walk to work, and probably home for lunch as well.

    Rhys David

  2. Hello Elizabeth,

    Thank you for the information. This brought back pleasant memories for last year I did a talk covering Plas Mawr. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=-tgYXYTDO5HMaOK1tJAK&q=plas+mawr+conwy&oq=Plas+Mawr&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0l10.25144.27972..30876…0.0..0.192.724.9j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i131j0i20i263.tc7QqfTNp3c Plas Mawr is regarded as the finest example of an Elizabethan Town House in the UK. At the end of the talk I was approached by a Mr Thayer of ice cream fame who is retired and living in Conwy, which is where Plas Mawr is located. He went on to say that he was completely unaware of Plas Mawr but following the talk he planned to make a visit.

    So to see reference to Wellfield Road and Thayer’s ice-cream made my day.

    Thank you.

    Alun Salisbury

  3. I am finding you’re entries very interesting having just moved to the area, gives me a background to how the area has developed. Thank you.

  4. Sportsflair
    Hoffer- jewellers
    Noa Noa (currently YMCA shop)
    Ferraris Cafe & Bakery (now Bombay street food)
    Billy’s newsagents (on the corner by the lane)
    Bollom Dry cleaners
    Dillons newsagents (previously Preedy in 80s-late 90s, later became Tesco)
    Toys n Things (present day [2020] the chip shop?)
    Wendy and WIlliam Children’s Clothes
    Peaches (greengrocer)
    Ushis (home furnishings)
    Smit hand Weston Elctric shop
    Match – ladies clothes shop 80s-mid 90s, was close to Thayers. Lovely Scottish lady called May owned it

  5. I worked at Farm Produce Butchers for 3 years,1969-1971 at 26 wellfield road, the owner a lovely man, named Ted Berry. His daughter Anne married Lewis J Tucker, who had a Tailors shop 6 shops away at 18 wellfield, very fond memories.

  6. My grandmother worked at Albert Firth Greengrocer (No 51 Wellfield Rd) about 1920-1926 as a servant girl. I would love more information about the time she was there and photographs if possible. Thank you

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